How YOU doin’????


Well, HELLOOOOOOO Gorgeous! You should know, I usually reserve a greeting of this nature for THIS…..


….but I also greet FRIDAY with same enthusiasm! Had my running stuff in the car, but Mother Nature decided to “Release the KRACKEN” in the form of rain! My GOD was it storming at work! My kids are in school about 15-20 minutes from work. I left work with torrential down pour and was greeted with the same at school pick up. Why does it matter, you ask? That’s the exact location (or town) that I run in before I pick them up. #howboutTHEMapples. Sadly, no run for me today, but that makes Saturday a good day to run. 😃

Hubby and I decided to get a stationery bike and a new DREADmill for our home gym or GARAGE, as we formally call it.  It was delivered last week… 

STILL in the box…..

Yeah…this TOO!!

Fingers crossed, it will be put together this weeeknd! As much as I HATE the DREADmill, it is an option to nothing. Like TODAY would have been a great day to use it!! 

I don’t have basketball this weekend, so Operation “Put Races on the Schedule” will be in full swing this weekend! One of the races I am considering… 

 I’ve had this on my radar since I did my first on in 2010. I think this year is MY year. Of course, I have to check the basketball calendar before I commit!! Ahhh….the life of a basketball mom!!❤️🏀. Hope I can make it work!!! 


What races do you have on the schedule?

Do you LOVE or HATE the DREADmill?

One more day……


Thursday, I’m happy to see you because your brother FRIDAY comes right behind you!   I didn’t run yesterday because…well…because I didn’t want to! I was tired and I am learning to listen to my body more often. I am also learning to not beat myself up for NOT working out.  It’s just a waste of time to constantly feed yourself with negative ideas. BTW…I’m still working on that about my BODY image and learning to love me! ⚠️ #selfESTEEM #underCONSTRUCTION ⚠️

I was tired this morning but I realized that I haven’t been taking iron tablet like I am supposed to! #badPA.  I restated just this morning.😃

Since the beginning of the year , I have made some dietary changes.  It has taken some time but I am a BREAKFAST lover!!! I found a new cereal last weekend in Orlando… 

Remember THIS??? LOVE this cereal!!


When I got home to Publix, I practically sprinted to the cereal aisle.  I was so sad that they didn’t have it!😢. I DID find a substitute that made up for it… 


I have a serving size (3/4 cup) with blueberries and Almond milk.  (Sorry no pictures because it’s usually eaten early,around 4:20 am AND I eat it so fast!!!).  

My lunch was great and really look forward to that salad. I’m still not bored with it yet!   


What’s in it, you asked? 

  • Mixed greens – baby spinach, kale, and radicchio
  • Romaine lettuce 
  • 1/2 of a cucumber 
  • Sliced black olives 
  • 1/2 can of Southwestern corn mix – corn, black beans, onions, and red peppers
  • Ken’s Lite Balsalmic Vinagrette (2 tablespoons)
  • Fried onions !!!!

    Finished product!


This is pretty much what I eat every day!!! Those onions fill my “chip” void! “Hi, I’m Angie and I LOVE chips!!!!“. This fills me UP!!!!

Work was a blur….a multitude of sick people! I mean, it IS what I do….! A few other complaints from patients to switch it up…then the day is over. I was really looking forward to my run today. My partner was having a tooth extracted, so understandly, she couldn’t join me! I wanted to try something different while running…. 


Instead of MUSIC, I listened to my Audiobook from Audible. I really didn’t think I was going to like it, but I DID!  I like how I really didn’t think so much. I just ran….and listened. It was nice! You should try it……  This book is GREAT. If you don’t like audiobooks, get it the traditional way. It is weird and odd….and I love it! 

Hubby, home from out of town, made one of my favorites for dinner….Picadillo

He makes a lighter version with ground chicken (Picadillo de Pollo) instead of ground beef. This is seasoned with Sofrito, minced garlic and the usual suspects of  seasoning.   It is served over white rice and we always top it off with some sliced avocado. It’s so easy to make (says the lady who DOESN’T cook!) and so EASY to eat. It’s my comfort food. Oh…..and my other favorite- 

 TOSTONES (fried plantains) #nuffSAID

I’m a lucky gal because hubs does ALL the cooking! And it is GOOD!!!! 

Glad the day is done.  Here I sit and wait for Friday, planning if I will try to squeeze one more run in!


Your thoughts on Kashi cereals?

Who cooks in your house? 

Audiobooks….love them or hate them?

Random Pre-FRIDAY funny- 


Here’s to hoping……😉❤️🍷

What do MY papers say????


Have you ever thought about yourself and WHY you gravitate towards certain races?  Swim Bike Mom has a GREAT post on the different breeds of Triathletes. Meredith, of SBM, is a great resource for REAL women….works full time (she’s an Attorney), a wife (to the “Expert”), and a mom of two…that want to be triathletes! I stubbled on to her blog when I was searching for information on training for a triathlon, after a hiatus from injury .  I find comfort in women that are like me and trying to balance it all! #greedyMOM #sorryNOTsorry.  She made/makes me feel like I can do it! She has MANY 70.3 and 140.6 under her belt and she’s a regular gal, like me. I continue to find her and all SBM Ambassadors to be my inspriation! Thanks Meredith!!!!

When I decided to try a triathlon in 2010, I figured the Sprint distance was a great place to start.

 Just a reminder:

  • Sprint – ~750 m swim, ~10-12 mile bike, and 3.1mile run
  • Olympic – 1.5k swim, 25 mile bike, and 6.2 mile run
  • Ironman (IM;commonly referred as 140.6, as in total of miles) – 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, and a marathon run (ie 26.2 miles)
  • Half Ironman (Half;commonly referred as 70.3) – cut the IM in half!

I’ve been hooked since the first time!! Life and injury got in my way because I wasn’t able to compete until 2012.  Last year I set the goal for 3 tris but only managed 2! This year…I’m getting to 3!!!  But I’m sticking to SPRINTS, BABY!!!   I am completely and utterly AMAZED at anyone that can do more distance.  But I feel the Sprint distance is what SPEAKS to me.   I can’t imagine doing any other distance. (Of course I DID say that about my running and never doing more than a 5k!😁).  Honestly, I don’t have/make the time to do more than a Sprint. And I’m okay with that!!  After reading her post, my “breed” of triathlete, now I know WHY it speaks to me!!!😉. Check out where you fit and what your distance says about you. 🏊🚴🏃


Any of these describe you?

What would make you increase your distance in a race? 

Hellooooooo, Monday Me Time!!!


Today, I finally felt like I was back on track. After a long weekend of basketball (and no ME time), I finally got my groove back.  I was still tired when I got to work, and really was feeling uninspired to run.  But…..I put my big girl pants on…and made it WORK!!  My usual partner couldn’t make the run this afternoon, so I didn’t have someone to hold me accountable today! 😉. I’ve never needed that, but today would have been helpful to have that extra push!! 

My TRUE motivation…..

This Florida heat is NO.JOKE!!! It’s going to be a HOT summer, and we are only in Spring! 😝.  I knocked out 2.25 miles today.  It ain’t great, but it ain’t shabby either!  Hey… “Mom’s gotta do, what Mom’s gotta DO!” 

Why THANK YOU Nike App for the a** kicking recognititon!!!


I don’t have a strength training workout for today, because today isn’t my day for partners!   My fellow basketball Mom couldn’t make practice today because her baller is sick! I opted out because we are in a different faculty for practice too! #cantcatchaBREAK. “There’s always tomorrow” (in my BEST Scarlett. O’Hara voice!!) 

SWEATY Scarlett!!


How was your day???

Did you get some “ME” time on Monday??


Another one bites the DUST…..


Basketball tournament, I mean.  Julian had a tournament in Orlando, which didn’t have favorable outcomes (to put it nicely). This is all a part of travel ball and learning how to play with a group of guys that hopefully you will GROW with.  He’s getting a little discouraged but understands that this is part of the process!  No one starts out the gate KILLING it!! 

We stayed in O-Town and I brought my running clothes so I could squeeze in some “ME” time! Well…..the intentions were there, but the follow through….NOT SO MUCH!  I didn’t get finished with the first game until 10 and bed by midnight.  That didn’t allow for an early rise to get it in 😢

Then…game at 10:30 and 4:30. Again….no ME time. Dinner and bed! 

Got up this morning….exhausted…and still no run! So, I am taking this as a sign that I did need to rest and NOT to freak out like I normally do. Say it out loud, Angie….”It’s ok! You need the rest!” #sessionOVER

I stare down the barrel of the week coming, already planning in my head what workouts need to be done. And they WILL get done…….

How was your weekend???

Did you get some workout(s) in??


I DID find a new cereal to eat this weekend! 

 Where has this been?? Better yet….where have I been???

Let the MADNESS begin….


You KNOW what time it is???   

That’s RIGHT….It’s March Madness, baby! This is the biggest time of year for NCAA Men’s and Basketball.  The teams have been selected, the brackets have been filled and it’s GAME ON!!! We are a basketball family-

  • Dad being the one that stared it all for us, sharing his love with my sister and I at a very early age. His “Not NOW….the game is ON” approach taught my sister and I to 1) be quiet while in the room AND 2) learn the game of basketball. 
  • The boys both play- my oldest on his travel team and the little one finished a season in the Upward league .Julian “The Observer”Aidan “I mean business because I have my headband on”
  • My BIL played college ball at Michigan.  He’s our resident EXPERT!🏀

So you see??? We are surrounded and FORTUNATE!  

This year, hubby decided he wanted to be a part of the action. No…not play! But be at a game during the Madness. He’s been a fan of basketball since Julian started playing but has really gone to the “dark side” when we watched the upset of Georgetown by Florida Gulf Coast University, 2 years ago.  That unbelievable loss has had my hubby hooked ever since!  He bought tickets for Season 2 in Jacksonville.  He surprised my dad with a ticket,too.  In all my dad’s years, he hasn’t ever seen a live March Madness game. After Selection Sunday, we found out that my dad was going to see his all time FAVORITE NCAA team- The University of North Carolina Tarheels. #giddykid

There view of the game in Jax….

My view….from the couch! #boo

It’s exciting!! Just when you think you KNOW who’s going to win…SURPRISE!!!! 

Hope you get to enjoy some of the tournament! And I get to enjoy some of Julian’s tournament action this weekend too! #basketballMOM 

Do you like this time of year?

St. Patrick’s Day 2015


My favorite holiday! No…seriously…it’s my FAVORITE HOLIDAY!  Like people like Christmas and stuff like that?? I get that way about St. Patrick’s Day. Why you ask???

I’ve been lucky to have been to Ireland twice and I fell in 🍀💚LOVE💚🍀Beautiful country (Emerald Isle, INDEED!) , beautiful people…and frankly…a BEAUTIFUL amount of PUBS! 🍻 #cheers

I like…no….I LOVE beer! So what better  way to have ANOTHER excuse to drink beer than doing it on St. Patty’s Day?!!?! 

SLÀINTE!!! (pronounced ” Slawn-cha” meaning “good health” or “cheers” in Gaelic).  For more sayings…check out this! 

Hubs greeted me after a long day of work and Basketball practice with this! #helloGORGEOUS. This with some corned beef and cabbage/potato side dish! Loved it because I HATE cabbage!  (No picture because I literally inhaled it!!)

Before the “fun”, I put some work in! I honestly didn’t think I was going to have any thing today. (I was pleasantly surprised when I came home to it!). 

Central Park in Winter Haven (FL) dyed the fountain green! I was able to snap a pic during my run. It was only 2 miles and that’s really all of the time allotted before after care shuts down. I don’t beat myself up because at least it’s SOMETHING rather than NOTHING!!

I was able to get in a WOD while Julian was at practice. No…still haven’t made it back to my box (soon though!!). I manage to get workouts from Pinterest (look at my board HERE) and usually from other blogs I read. One of my FAVORITE blogs, Blonde Ponytail, always has GREAT WORKOUTS (with and without weights). Check her out and tell her that her “biggest fan” sent you! 😉 You won’t regret it!!

I renamed this WOD to “Erin Go Bust Your Ass”.  Look at it….you KNOW it will!!!  Her workout had 7 rounds and I only had time (and patience) for 3. Why was I impatient?? The MOSQUITOS decided to invade my workout and I had to cut it short! Otherwise…7 rounds for ME!! 

Hope your St. Patrick’s Day was filled with a lot of GREEN fun!

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How did you celebrate?

Did you wear green? (I just had my little leprechaun on my jacket bc my green dress is GONE! )