You Might be CRAZY if….


I’m sure there are SO many things that make me crazy, but truly my exercise addition (running, triathlon, CF,etc) makes me look crazy to most people that DON’T. I was quite sucessful participating in the Gasparilla 15k last weekend. As I was nursing my sore body, I was planning my next race and my next workout.  That got me thinking…”I am sore and tired as S**T and I planning what I can do next!”.

Angie, you might be CRAZY if….

  • you feel like you are going to DIE because you pushed yourself in a race and you are ready to sign up again! For that distance…or ANY distance, for that matter!
  • you think of “fun” and “creative” ways to get a workout/ run in BEFORE the day has started/ended! (4am?? 10pm??? NO problem!!)
  • you are SALAVATING over the new Garmin you ABSOLUTLEY, positively need…like NOW!
  • you miss a workout/run because of “something” and now your whole day is RUINIED!!
  • you plan your entire social life (and I use that term lightly because I HAVE no social life) around races you can do!
  • you get EXCITED when you see the email link for “Open Registration” for a race…even the ones you have NO plan on participating in!!
  • your running/triathlon magazines TRUMP your fashion/lifestyle magazines, in terms of what gets read first! 
  • you are SERIOUSLY considering traveling to other than local locations for races now. (Yep….I sure am!!) 

These are just a few things…I’m sure if I had more time, I’d come up with more!  But…all the crazy thoughts and actions are worth it, because I’m worth it!!


What about you? Can you relate to this?  Anything I forgot or anything YOU do that might make you look CRAY-CRAY??



This weekend…..I had the honor of saying that “I ran a 15k” after running in the Gasparilla Distance Classic in Tampa, FL.

IMG_5451The best thing about the race series…you can pick from any distance. This series had a 5k, 8k, 15k, and Half Marathon. I’ve done the 5k before and was really looking at doing another 10k, but joke was on me…because they discontinued that distance. So, 15k it was….

The race started at O’Dark Thirty (ie 6:45am) and it was COLD (by Florida standards…40 DEGREES!!!😁).

IMG_5432Downtown Tampa…

My friend, Sam, raced with me! It’s perfect because we are both competitive (with ourselves) and we race well together!!

IMG_5431She’s still my friend!!!

Anyone that doesn’t know, the race follows the pirate themed festival/parade celebrating the invasion of Jose Gaspar and his band of pirates. Living in this area for the last 13 years, I haven’t been brave enough to go to the parade. But I DO love doing the race!! I’ve always done the 5k, but CHALLENGE!!!….I did the 15k.
There are all types of people racing in their pirate gear….

IMG_5437AArrrghhh! Like THIS stuff!!!

I enjoyed this distance, I have to say. The first 5k….no biggie!
The second 5k….I’m good!
The last 5k….
Mile 7-good
Mile 8- I’m getting TIGHT, my quads and IT band (ITB)
Mile 9 – ITB is on FIRE and my pace seems like a slow crawl! #nothappy

In my mind..I figured finishing 1:30-1:45. I wasn’t sure but I was basing it on my 5k and 10k times.

IMG_5448We DID it!!!

IMG_5434Our “we’re so HAPPY we didn’t DIE” faces!

IMG_5436Is this thing REAL??
I’m glad that I did it and honestly….I would TOTALLY do it again.

As I sit here typing this post, I am now able to move like a normal human and NOT like a drunk John Wayne. #sore
I’ll be back in the saddle tomorrow with a light run (hopefully with one of my running buddiesπŸ˜‰) and planing my next challenge!

PS…if you are curious…guess how many calories you can potentially burn running a 15k???


We DID it!!


…and by “WE” I mean the FAMILY survived Julian’s first (and out of town) basketball tournament. He’s playing on a travel team this year. Being a doe eyed 7th grader and playing at a COMPLETELY different level made him start to think….”Am I working hard enough?” “What do I do to improve or get better??”. He was VERY challenged by these games because he’s playing with people at or BETTER than him. But isn’t that the way you get better…by challenging yourself???

I realize that as a recreational athlete, I’ve been asking myself the SAME questions. “Am I working hard enough?”… “What do I do to get better?”. I am continuing to challenge myself, so I may get better. I’m NEVER going to be a professional athlete, but I will (to best of my ability and time) bust my ASS like I AM!!!

How am I challenging myself now, you ask? (Thanks for askingπŸ˜‰)
A 15k this Saturday! I’m excited and scared! I’m amused and bemused by the excitement that I feel! What AM I thinking?? CHALLENGE!!!!!…that what I’m thinking!πŸ˜‰

Please….NOT again!!


I managed to squeeze some runs in this week, and planning one today,too! I noticed my shins are a little tight but I think it’s because I pushed a little harder on my last run. AND…I need new inserts because I’m such a horrible PRONATOR! 😝


IMG_5327The thumbs down was the day the shins felt a little off. Oh well…

I found that running with my “oh so attractive” compression socks help and I plan on using them today. The run went ok….
My shins are DEFINITELY sore but not to the point to claim them shin splints, THANK GOD!

IMG_5340Kinda how I felt after the run today. #vodkaPLEASE

I cut it about 1/2 mile shorter today for fear of the shins. I also need to invest in a foam roller, to break that s**t up! πŸ˜‰

The Gasparilla 15k is in two weeks and I’m thinking of taking it light next week. Maybe have one or two runs, I haven’t decided yet. The week of the run…I’m going to rest. I’ve not run this distance before and I’m not sure HOW my shins will hold up, so I’m not going in with sore shins. 😁

Anyone else have some shin remedies???

The start of my “Basketball Mom” life….


Seems like FOREVER that I have written a post! It’s really only been 10 days, but that IS forever in the blog world! πŸ˜‰

Busy doesn’t even BEGIN to describe my life lately. My oldest has begun playing with a travel basketball team. Practices two times a week and then tournaments on the weekends. He’s thrilled…I’m EXHAUSTED! (No really…I’m BEYOND happy for him!). Ahhhh…a new beginning for me…
The life of a “Basketball Mom” (hopefully it won’t be like those Dance Moms…😝).
Let’s look at some Pros and Cons (from MY perspective)……

1. My son is participating in sport he LOVES and has the opportunity to continue to develop his skills.

2. He’s gets some new teammates and maybe some friends. (I get some new friends, too!πŸ˜‰)

3. Some light traveling. (I secretly LOVE hotels!!)

1. Practice 2 times a week = NO real gym time for Mom! This “con” has allowed me to run MORE, so I should add this as a “PRO” rather than a “CON”!

2. Time away from races, etc that I want to do because of traveling schedule. (Ehhhhh….I’ll figure something out!)

3. Being home on the weekends –>NO go! (Ehhhh….Refer to #3 from the PROS list)

I’m sure I can think of a few more for either list, but that’s good.

I have been able to run more, as I prepare for the 15k in February (22 days from today!!😁). I am only able to get in about 2.5 during the work week because of the kiddo activities. Not bad…but not great either. It could be worse and I couldn’t run at ALL! I am able to get 4 days of running in and I am working on getting a longer run on the weekends. Even after my upcoming race, I plan on continuing to run before any kiddo activity. Game at 9? Betta get up and run BEFORE!! #keepATit

These were all of my runs this week….



I’m hoping I can do the same (if not more) this week!

I don’t get to CF as much before and that makes me sad. I haven’t seen the inside of my box is almost 3 weeks! 😒
I will be incorporating some at home WODs to do, which is better than NOTHING! But I miss the interaction with other gym members…..
I’m currently pricing some kettle bells to invest in. I’m also shopping for a new DREADmill since the original has gone to heaven to be with the others.

I’m pleased that I have a plan (or a resemblance of a plan) for working out. It CAN be done…just takes a LOT of planning ahead.

WISH ME LUCK! βœŒοΈβ€οΈπŸ€ (and 🏊,🚴, and πŸƒ).

You signed up for WHAT……??????


Not to rip off one of my favorite blogs but that’s exactly what I was thinking when I decided to sign up for another race. Not just any race…I slipped and bumped my head and signed up for a 15k!! WHAT????

Here’s the story….Gasparilla is a race in Tampa Bay that I look forward to every year.

I did race last year because of my shin injury, so not surprisingly, I’d sign up this year. Since I fancy myself a 10k’er now (yeah…right!), I wanted to sign up for another one. I’ve usually done the 5k, but I didn’t want to revisit the distance for a few reasons:

1. I want to keep pushing myself. And if I continue to “just do” 5ks, I’ll never be challenged to do anything else, but that distance. I’m not knocking times out the park, or anything. And I am/was quite comfy in 5k land, but my running shorts weren’t! You get it??? (In case you didn’t….I was in a stand still with the weight! ). So…I continue to challenge myself!

2. At minimum there are usually about 9 BAZILLION 9000 (or more) people that run the 5k in Gasparilla every year. This is NOT a race for people, like me, who want to improve SOME time. There are just too many people. It’s fun…and its a workout…but I think I’m looking for more.
Just an idea…LOOK at this! This is a good depiction of the what the 5k looks like…😁


This leads me to the registration page. I’m looking…I’m scrolling…I don’t see it. I see 5k, 8k, 15k, and Half Marathon. WTF happened to the 10k?? Where did it go?? Well, I missed a year and I FORGOT the race GODS replaced the 10k with an 8k. What’s a girl to do???. Well, I figured that doing the 8k would make me FEEL like I was going backwards. This in reality isn’t true because I only have ONE 10k under my belt…..

I guess I was feeling “all proud” of myself because I pulled the trigger…and signed up for the 15k. 😁
What I am I thinking?? I have no experience…I don’t think I have time to train…I don’t think I can DO IT!
That’s the doubtful part of my brain. The other part thinks about the experience…how GREAT it would be to have added a distance to my running resume….how I would be 4 miles from a HALF MARATHON!! It all makes me feel INVINCIBLE!

So…I WILL do the 15k. I WILL fit in some training (to the best of my ability and schedule). I WILL feel like I can do it!

Ever signed up for something that we were SCARED to do?

Back in the SADDLE!


This past weekend was my/our LAST weekend of indulgence. Miguel and I had a SWEET 16 anniversary on January 9th. We went to dinner at Carrabba’s that evening….INDULGED. I had this GREAT NEW appetizer (well….new to ME!) called “Aranici“…which is Italian for “Little pieces of Heaven” (NOOOO….not really but it sound convincing, right??πŸ˜‰).

2015/01/img_5197.jpgSounds like a pretty good App, huh???

2015/01/img_5180.jpgBOOM…it IS!!!

Saturday, Miguel surprised me with a little weekend get away (SANS kiddos) to Indian Rocks Beach and Clearwater Beach (FL)….MORE INDULGING! We went to our favorite restaurant Columbia (Interested in my experience? Check it out here).

Then….Sunday, we went to our favorite spot for brunch Island Way Grill.


Seems like all I did was eat and give into ALL of my likes! SADLY
Thankfully, that was IT!! The holidays are over….my anniversary is over…time to get BACK IN THE SADDLE! #noEXCUSES

When we got home…I ran some errands and then I RAN. I felt off…”getting” though the run, but I did it.

My body needs exercise. I CAN NOT go that long without it again. I felt like pure CRAP…HOT garbage! But I did it!

It’s Monday today….
I had a cancelled basketball game for Julian (because of weather), so I came home to run on the DREADmill! HATED it…but I did it!! And of felt good!

Tomorrow…I’ll touch in our dietary changes (that is Miguel AND I).

Ever fall off the “saddle”?
How did you get back on???