Again, another holiday has come and GONE!!!  Man, I can not believe how fast time is going!  

I was able to go visit my sister and her family in Haymarket (VA).  The kids were excited to spend time with their cousins.  I have been blessed with 3 nephews and one rose (i.e. Niece).  I took the  week off from work because the kids had off from school (STILL don’t understand why “we” need to have a whole WEEK off to eat turkey on ONE day!😉).  

I just finished a nutrition program with Swim Bike Mom (SBM) right before the holidays.  Trust me when I say, it was VERY informative and VERY helpful.  I found that many of my struggles with food are not my own.  I found and bonded with MANY women just like myself who have the same “issues”.    If you are interested, check out her website. And FYI…the program starts up again on December 1st!  #getonIT

I convinced my”non running” sister to run a Turkey Trot with me! I use non runner in quotes because she and my BIL completed a Couch to 5k program and both HATE running and both are kicking my ASS in running!! Kicking my ass like running sub 9 CONSISTENTLY! #notHATING 😏. I guilted her into a run about 25 minutes from her house on Turkey Day at Freedom Aquatic Center in Manassas (VA).   

 Not only did I fun with my sister but I also did this run as a virtual run with SBM  

 which benefited ALS.  A fellow SBM triathlete Andrea Peet who was diagnosed with ALS last year.  All the race proceeds go towards researching ALS.  This was the first time I’ve done a virtual run (I’ve always been a little skeptical).  But since I was in the SBM nutrition program, I knew it was safe. I get race bling (a medal! YAY!) and a shirt (double YAY!).



She’s SO happy I made her go!!😉

  I had to buy some new kicks prior to the race because the shin-ny,shin,shins were starting to get a little sore.   I bought them at The Running Store in Gainesville (VA not FL) where my non running sister shops. (Like how I squeezed that in??)

 Them Brooks Adenaline 16, baby!!  

 I raced well, shaving about a few seconds off my time. Mile 1 AND 2 where at 9:52 and 9:56, respectively.  I was pumped because I haven’t seen 9 ANYTHING months! #disappointed.   I kept up with a gentlemen during the race and we kept each other accountable when the other look like hey were slacking! I like that!  I am most proud of my sister, as she got a PR of 27 (and change).  I knew she’d do well!!  She’s so good and I hope that I can convince her to do another with me!  Except…I gotta train BETTER to keep up with my “non running” sister! 😉

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!  As always, I am thankful for you and your journeys that I am able to follow.  Thank you for coming with me on mine…..


‘Tis the Season


This time of year is BUSY in our house! It’s BASKETBALL season, BABY!!  That means practices, games, training, traveling, eating in the car, late nights…you get the picture!  This also means…less time for ME #selfish 

I have to run and go to the gym at ridiculous times, usually at night. Last night, for example, 8:45 pm because Julian has a game at 6:30.  I have come to the realization that his genuinely SUCKS!!!  I’m at the gym by myself and no one to work out with!! It’s made me realize that I really miss CrossFit! I miss the people, the atmosphere…and it’s just sad that right now, I can’t get back.  These are the sacrifices we make as parents.  #goUS

On a lighter note, I was able to go to Trader Joe’s in Tampa while Julian was at his try out.  

 I’ve been before when my sister lived in AZ, but I haven’t been there since.  I was beyond PLEASED to see this place on Sunday.  When I gave my online “shout out” generally everyone had the same response..to paraphrase…”Place is GREAT…parking SUCKS!”  They were not to far off! It’s kinda tight in there, so get there early! I found the Ezekial bread I was looking for, in cinnamon raisin, mind you!   And then I found something to put on it that should be banned on EARTH! 

 Have you tried this?? O.M.G!!  It’s creamy gingerbread/graham cracker cookies! I only use 1/2 of tsp on two slices because I don’t want super sweet in the morning.  I’m so glad that I found it!!!

Tomorrow is another day!  I have scouts with Aidan, and practice for Julian, so a little run before hand is all I have to fit in.  I hope I am doing right by myself with this schedule….

How do you fit it all in??

  A little holiday humor for ya….#mikeDROPPED

Hey! Have you been to…..


The Fresh Market? Well, I haven’t….until yesterday!  

 It’s been open for a while here in Valrico, but I haven’t had a chance to go on that end of town. (You know…kids!!!).  I had a moment by myself (after Costco), so I ran with it!  If you’ve have the pleasure of shopping at Whole Foods, that’s the kind of luxury you can find in The Fresh Market (TFM). It provides all of the organic, gluten free, non GMO products right before your very eyes!  I’m not sure the size of TFM, so I can’t say if this is a “normal” size or a “small”.  

When you walk in, this is what greets you and you know you are some place special!  I felt like I was cheating on Publix! 😏
I tried not to be a creeper but I tried to get as many shots as possible (without someone questioning me!!).  This started the produce section….

  I saw my Honey Crisp apples on sale for $2.99/pound!! That’s a STEAL!!! 

The deli was amazing….salad bar, OLIVE BAR, you name it! 

   Like the others, you take what you want and pay by the pound.  The deli also had hot meat and cold cuts, all sorts of cheeses… 
Great selection of pantry items, I tell ya! I went there specifically for one type of pasta that I’ve heard about to try and couldn’t find locally. Mind you, we have a Whole Foods in Tampa, but who the HELL wants to drive 30+ minutes for some damn pasta? I’m not THAT high maintainence! 😉. But I found it here!!! 

 I made it…and it was good, BTW. 

On to the section that ALWAYS gets my attention..ALCOHOL!  

  Our favorite and the price is NICE!!  
 The store has a great wine selection for you wine lovers, and the prices aren’t too shabby either!  Then the beers…a nice selection and you can create your own 6 pack.  

Like nut butter? Why not make your own……? 

 I tried Almond Butter 

 …which was a first because I’m used to eating the jar stuff!  If you’ve not had this before, it isn’t sweet like the butter in the jar.  It’s an acquired taste but it wasn’t bad!  I’d go back to try the others!  😉

There wasn’t a spot in the store that you couldn’t try something! Since the holidays are approaching, there were many foods to try for the season! I resisted, because I’m on a mission….AGAIN! 😂

I was looking for Ezekial bread but they didn’t have it (or I didn’t look hard enough, which is ALWAYS possible!).  I found a suitable option. 

   I’m trying to keep the sugar count low and pay attention to ingredients more.  This looks like a good option and I shall say…I SCORED on this find!
Oh…I found something kind cute in the “water” section…

 …this Fred water bottle is able “refillable and recyclable”.  Well, aren’t they all, you ask??  Fred prides themselves in providing a product that is free of all the BAD stuff in plastic bottles of today.  So therefore, you can refill it without worry! And CUTE ALERT….it’s shaped like a flask! 

All and all is was a fun trip to the store. I don’t really enjoy going to the grocery store,probably because I don’t cook! But this was fun, exploring new foods to try and taste. 

For those of you that haven’t been (and you have one close)…go check it out! I don’t think you’ll regret it.  If you like Whole Foods, you’ll LOVE The Fresh Market. 

****Disclaimer- All of the opinions about my visit to The Fresh Market were my own.  I have not been compensated for these opinions. 

What did you do this weekend?

Mom Blues…


All day I thought it was WEDNESDAY!!! I don’t know why,but I did!! Probably because basketball season is here which means a few things: I am BUSY shuttling between practices.  My workout out feel sporadic (but I’m NOT going to let it). And I’m…wait for it….TIRED!!!

I love that my son, Julian, LOVES basketball.  As we are part of making some of his dreams come true, that means our stuff gets pushed to the WAY back!!  But I vow to keep better management of my time.  My youngest Aidan and I had a really deep conversation earlier this week. He says “Mommy, if you had a super power, what would it be?” (Deep, huh?). My answer to this self searching question…”I would have the power of CLONING.  So I can be everywhere at ALL times!”  Wouldn’t that be great???  

My week started with a little run, because that’s all I seem to be able to get now a days.  

 We got 1.71 miles in while our kiddos had their first basketball practice at school.  I made it to the gym after the kids were settled at home, ate, and HW was reviewed, at 8:30. (Gotta do whatcha gotta do, right?). My strength training program is great and I’m excited to see me strong again. 

Wednesday, while the kiddo was at practice, I ran.  I was able to finish work early, so I started earlier.  I did 2.25 miles and then finished the rest of my 3.49 (total) when Leslie was finished at work.   

I love running but I’m SO frustrated now! I’m NOT where I was this time last year and it SUCKS!! I’m trying to remember that I am giving all of what I have with the time I am allowed.  But sometimes that reminder doesn’t work!  I continue to get inspiration from you all, and I blame myself for not being where some of you are. #jealousmuch  But…I’m me and I’m continuing to learn to not compare myself to others! Today…another basketball practice and a rest day for me.  I will run tomorrow, after Julian had his weight training session, on the DREADmill.  

Ok…enough of the pity party, Angie!

How has your week been? Any races coming up?  I have to submit a 10k time for the Star Wars run in April at Disney. I am looking to repeat the first 10k I did last year.  But I’m so much slower and I’m REALLY nervous!!! 😁

Glad that’s DONE!!


Halloween flew in like a witch on her broomstick and that b***h flew out even faster!! 😂. For those of you that had beautiful, picturesque Fall weather to enjoy Halloween…I envy you!! It was HOT and mosquito HEAVY here in (outside of) Tampa!!!  But the boys has fun.  Aidan was…

 Darth Vater! With Lightsabre, the “Luke, I am your Father” voice changer, and all.  He WOULD pick the evil guy to be….

Julian is 14 and was kinda begging to go trick or treating.  It wasn’t about wearing a costume and more about getting candy!  So he walked with us as… 

 Darth GATOR!! We were celebrating the WIN against Georgia just a few minutes prior, so his playing around with his borther’s costume was VERY appropriate! #goGATORS

We were left with a TON of candy, NONE of which I ate (yeah me!!!).  

Now…what’s this nonsense about CHRISTMAS coming soon?? Ugh….

How was your Halloween?

Any candy your favorite?? Mine? 100 grand bar! For those that aren’t familiar…chocolate, caramel and krispies. HEAVEN!!  Thank goodness, Aidan didn’t get ANY! 😏

Today was a GOOD day…


Why do you say? I mean..it was MONDAY! And no one is excited for a MONDAY!  Work was…well…work, so nothing new there.  I was able to run after work, which always makes momma HAPPY!  I’m not breaking any records here, usually a smidgen under 2 miles (because my ass is SLOW now!) but I’m pleased to do it! 

 I’m now focused on returning to my “glory” days of running!  I’m trying to get my breathing pattern back with improving my strides.   So much of running (and running properly) is breathing properly and I used to have it on lock!!   I am focusing on getting my groove back!  I’ve also noticed (and not recently) since CF and I have consciously uncoupled (temporarily,I hope) my running isn’t what it used to be!  Some runs, I feel like I’m starting from scratch with this running thing.  But I have nothing to prove to anyone, except for ME!!  

 I have goals, I’m just getting there slowly because I am a busy mom! 

Why else was today good? Again…since the uncoupling…I finally go to the gym and touch the weights again! The personal trainer that works with my basketball loving son, Julian, kindly wrote/designed a program for me! Today was Day 1.  I was so excited to start lifting again!! Man…I missed it!!  What did I do on Day 1, you ask? Glad you asked…

Squats– 5 sets x 8 

Bench press – 4 sets x 8

Deadlift – 4 sets x 5

Overhead press – 3 sets x 8

Bend over DB Row – 4 sets x 8 each arm

Triceps extension – 3 sets x 8

*rest 2-3 minutes between each set

That’s a lot!!! And as I type…I can feel the muscle soreness! I won’t be able to MOVE tomorrow…and I LOVE it!! My weight started low and I worked my way up to a challenging weight for me now.  No lie…it felt great to be on THAT side of the gym! All those people lifting is inspiring! 

I’m excited to see how my body will change ( again…for like the  UMPTEENTH time!!).  I need to find a routine that I can stick with on or off season!  Keep you posted!

How was your Monday???

Oh…I may just have a liiiiiiiitle bit of a KIND bar problem.  I was in Publix picking up ONE item and I walked out with… 

   ALL OF THEM!! #embarrassed #rehabplease

 And your funny for today… 

 #droppedtheMIKE   #puttheKINDbarsdown

You know it’s funny, because you hate your scale and you kinda do this! I do!! 😂

I found my way back…..


Man..where did the time go?? I have been INCREDIBLY busy since our office transferred over to electronic medical records 2 weeks ago! I thought about it yesterday and realized I haven’t posted in 2 WEEKS!! I’ve missed you guys!! ❤️

I was out of town last weekend because Julian had a basketball camp in Jacksonville (FL). #ithasBEGUN. I’ve been to JAX once before for a conference but don’t remember much.  While Julian practiced, my dad, Aidan and myself explored! Hubs couldn’t make it because he had his annual meeting for work. 

I asked Siri when we dropped Julian off at Jacksonville Ice & Sportsplex….”where’s the closest place for breakfast?”  Well did she EVER hit the mark when she told us about Metro Diner!! I KNEW when we pulled up and there was about 10 spots for parking (all full) and there were folks waiting outside to eat…THIS was the place for us!  It’s “where the locals eat” and they ain’t lying!! This place, I found later, has been visited and featured on The Food Network by Alton Brown and Guy Fieri. How cool is that??

He’s READY!!!

Just to give you an idea, look what was on special.. 

 Aidan and I opted for our “go to” breakfast..him-pancakes, bacon, sausage, and a biscuit (yikes!!); me-Belgian waffle with bacon! I am never disappointed!! It was so light and crunchy!!  Dad went for Cinnamon Raisin French Toast….


He LOVED it!!


Just a liiiiitle bit left…..

  EVERYTHING was good…the food, the people…the atmosphere.  If you are eve in JAX, make it a point to go!!!

After all that food…we needed to walk it off and we had plenty of time to kill.  We ended up at Jacksonville Landing on the St John’s River.  Many outside restaurants and shops keep you busy.   

 Many of the shops weren’t open, but it was nice to see all that was there.  

Dad and I by the St. John’s River. LOVE him!!❤️


Like the movie…he wanted his fortune told by Zoltar!


This kid loves Hooters…for the wings , of course!!😉

The afternoon was coming to an end and we went to get a tired Julian from camp.  Our Gators were playing versus LSU, so we need to go!! We opted for  Tilted Kilt which was suggested by a friend.  It’s basically Irish Hooters…and my boys loved the girls…I mean the food! 😂.  
 Despite out boys losing (only by 1 TD!), it was time to go! 

Julian had one more day of camp on Sunday.  We dropped him off and headed STRAIGHT back to Metro Diner! Dad an a monstrous omelet with a tomato bisque and hash browns… 

We did some more sightseeing around Downtown JAX.  There was some freaky zombie fest going on in the park that also had many homeless people. (missed THAT photo op!).  Did you know.. 

 Jacksonville was named after our First Territory Governor, Andrew Jackson?? I sure did NOT know that!! 

I was a great weekend had by all!  Since I’ve been back I’ve only run ONCE, but I am starting mine strength program this weekend and back to routine running!

I’ve still been catching up on all of your blogs and I’ve missed you all! Thanks for continuing to keep me moving and motivated!❤️

Here’s a funny for ya… 

Photo Cred: Whisper.

Mike has been…#dropped! Ahhhh…its GREAT to be back!!!