We were asked to write our 2014 fitness goals at CrossFit right before the holiday.  It was so cute – we wrote them on a Christmas ornament and we decorated the tree with them.  Of course being the (wanna be) crafty person that I am…I totally wrote mine all fancy (or at least I TRIED!!!).  Well, there is something about writing your goals, then verbalizing them publicly.  It’s out there in the universe, so now you have to do something with that information.  So I was thinking…maybe that’s how some of the blogs I love to read started, right??  Why not start doing the same thing myself??? I figured what a GREAT way to hold myself accountable than PUBLICLY putting my goals out into the universe of CYBER space. Nothing scarier than that, huh??

So…here are my goals for 2014 (in no particular order):

  1. Do a 10k.  I’ve been “stuck” in 5k-land and I figured there isn’t any other way to break free unless I do it.  I haven’t officially signed up for anything….but it’s coming.  I am already at 5 miles for my long runs on the weekend and to be honest…I am LOVING the longer distance.  I don’t ever think that I will ever be enough of a stud to anything more than 10k, but…never say never, right???

2.  Complete Level I CrossFit Certification.  I have been CrossFit-ing almost 4 years, with the last 2 years being more of a commitment.  I figured I have learned a lot from CrossFit, I love all there is to working out, so why not??   What better way to combine the love for working out with my gift of gab then becoming certified and work on teaching??

3.  Triathlons.  I say “TriathlonS” because I have only managed to accomplish one per year since my first Sprint Tri in 2010.  I missed last year because of injury and I missed this year because…well….BECAUSE!  Life just got in the way and I couldn’t swing the timing for training!  NOT gonna happen in 2014.  I wrote down to do THREE in ’14!  Am I crazy?!?!?!?! Yep….

4. CrossFit Competition.  Well…..that’s coming really soon!  Like…JANUARY soon.  I signed up for a local competition a 2 day competition, none the less!!  What is so scary about this?? My first competition was a TEAM competition with my workout buddy.  Loved being a part of a team where we could push each other.  This time…INDIVIDUAL!!  OH.MAW.GAWD!!!  I am absolutely accountable for myself…having to find that inner strength to continue to push on through.

On the white board, next to the WOD (Workout of the Day) was a quote about goals… “46% of goals are kept if people write them down.  78% are achieved once they are told to another person”.  Is this true?  Is there some study that proves it? HELL…I don’t know.. but it sure SOUNDS good!!!   I’ve been back and forth about blogging…who’d be interested in what I have to say???  But today…I got the kick in the pants I needed.  My goals have been set and VERBALIZED in the most open forum that exists today…. the INTERNET!!!

So here’s to goals….here’s to KEEPING those said goals…and here’s to healthy and Happy New Year!!



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