Happy New Year’s Eve

Here we are…hours from a brand new year! I set out on vacation this morning with a run….

Everyone plans a run on va-cay, RIGHT?!?!?!
LOVE this Nike+ app!! Still wanting for a Garmin……

I am a Florida girl, not by birth but raised here, and I was enjoying a perfect Florida morning…cool, crisp, and LOW humidity!! I wish for perfect weather like this all the time! I’d probably run MORE…if I had more hours in the day!!! :-). I’m here in the Orlando area, with my sister and her family. They live in Virginia, Haymarket to be specific. My niece and nephew’s have not been to Disney before, so we are all here to celebrate! We are staying in Kissimmee ( that’s KE- simm- EE…. I almost was KILLED for pronouncing it incorrectly!! Floridians are so sensitive!!!)

The Westgate property….BEAUTIFUL!!!

We are off to have dinner at Santiago’s Bodega. It’s a tapas restaurant that it is to DIE for! My hubby, M, took me to the original restaurant in Key West. We were all took excited to here they were opening one closer to home! Pictures and review to come!!!
Speaking of tapas…every time I say that word, like ” I went to a tapas restaurant….” people respond usually like ” you went to a TOPLESS restaurant…?”. It got me thinking that I pronounce the word incorrectly… “TAH-pas” instead of “tah-pas”. Does that maybe help?? I don’t know…..

Any way…Happy New Year’s Eve! I hope everyone is safe and spending quality time with loved ones. I sure am!!!!!
Here’s to a healthy, HAPPY New Year with new goals and and a new semi-new me and you!!!


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