Only got 4 Minutes…

Betcha you thought I was gonna give my rendition of the Madonna/Justin Timberlake’s song….but….instead 🎶….in my BEST Aretha Franklin voice…RESP-E-CT….🎶. I have a new found RESPECT for 4 minutes. doesn’t SEEM like a lot of time, right? I’m quite sure there are many things I can do it 4 minutes….easily. Can’t think of anything right now, but I KNOW there is !!
Today’s WOD was 4 minute stations

It doesn’t look that THAT bad, does it? Couldn’t be more wrong!! Four minutes seemed like an eternity. Who knew??? The only reason it was a nice WOD because it kept us in the gym because we had this…

When is Florida coming back from winter hiatus??? I want my warm weather back….!

Tomorrow…will probably try and run. My schedule is crazy this week, as basketball comes to an end at the boy’s school. I still have 2 more weeks of the other basketball team J plays for, and then I get a “life” back! Or my so called “life”…fingers crossed!

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SN: I USED to have a new respect for 10 minutes after the competition! But 4 minutes has TOTALLY trumped it!


As I sit here and type this post, I am STILL sore from the WOD yesterday! Tuesdays are my day off because of basketball for J and A. I sit, I wait on the uncomfortable bleachers in the gym, which isn’t so hot when you are sore!!
At CrossFit UFPC, this is what met me at the door…


Thrusters??? Really?? I LOATHE thrusters!! I have come to realize that my list of “I HATE….” in CrossFit it becoming longer. In no particular order, I HATE…

  • Thrusters
  • Wall Balls
  • Burpees
  • Wall walks
  • (Am I talking gibberish to you with these CrossFit skills/moves? When I am not so cheap, I’ll upgrade my WordPress blog so I can post videos here!! Until then, check out the link for info!)

    But just like the saying….”This s**t SUCKS!! What time tomorrow??” (I absolutely have to get my hands on THAT shirt!)

    Let me just say, that thrusters include the one thing that is my weak point…SQUATS!! You can give me upper body ALL.DAY.LONG, but please don’t give me squats! I mentally phase out of the WOD when I see “squat” or any of its cousins.
    BUT…. it’s 2014, and I’m gonna face my fears, lack of skill, whatever you want to call it…this is the Year of the Squats (for me it is, any way).


    Yeah…that’s what I intend on doing to those squats… #crushtheMOFO

    Is there any move, skill, exercise,etc that you hate??

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    This is just CRAZY….

    The mornings start so early and I’m used to it. But I feel EXTREMELY guilty for my kids! We were blessed to find a great school for J and A close to where I work….which is about 50 minutes from where we live. Our mornings look a lot like THIS….

    We leave at like O’dark Thirty so my kids really don’t know what our house looks like in daylight!!

    This is the view in the car….

    <img src=""

    Knocked OUT!!!

    My poor babies!!! J has to be at school at 7 am because he’s a 6th grader (ie Middle School). The school is PK3-8, so A has to get there early, too! But bless them, they are so adjusted to this crazy schedule! I hope some day to be closer, so the boys will have a “normal” life….
    Here’s to wishful thinking, guys! Keep your fingers crossed for me!!

    What’s your crazy morning routine?

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    Where did the weekend go? This is what I ask myself EVERY Sunday night/Monday morning! This weekend was particularly full…


  • My morning run! (Tried to get 4 miles in, but didn’t have the time! 3.25 will have to do! SN: PLAN AHEAD!!!!
  • A’s basketball game at 12pm
  • J’s basketball game at 1pm
  • J had altar serving duties at 4:30 Mass. SN: drove 50 minutes to get there because it is his SCHOOL’S church, not our home church
  • Shop for J’s Cotillion program* attire.
  • 20140127-092321.jpg
    Doesn’t he look so GROWN up?? When did THAT HAPPEN!?!?


  • Oops…I realize I don’t have PANTS for my child for his Cotillion program!! WALMART!!
  • Mass…but church library duty first
  • J goes to Cotillion program (My Dad had to help with getting J there…again 50 minutes away! SN: M couldn’t help because he’s in charge of cooking! Not a bad deal from where I sit or stand or whatever….)
  • A goes to Blue Knights* (I was in charge of the craft this month).
  • Laundry,laundry,LAUNDRY!!
  • No evening run because it rained! My slack behind should have went in the treadmill! I officially suck…..!
  • Whew…! I want my weekends back! But then again..I wouldn’t have it any other way!!!

    By the way….

    *Cotillion – noun

  • a formal ball given for debutantes
  • By no means is that what my child is, but part of the south still has programs where they teach basic social dances (ie Waltz, Rumba, etc), every day manners, social graces, etc. These are things that I teach my boys (except that dancing stuff….NO Dancing with Stars here!!) all the time but it is nice there is a program where he can be with his classmates and peers. BONUS: there IS a “ball” after it is all said and done!!

    *Blue Knights-

  • a Catholic based boys program to help them learn about their faith and continue to grow spiritually. Geared towards boys from 4 to about 8 years old.
  • It’s nice for my youngest, A, to have something at church to get involved with as well. SN: For those who may be interested, we learned about….

    St. Michael

    Ok…’nuff said and on to Monday…..


    How was your weekend? Busy????

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    It ain’t a pretty sight…bad time..bad pace…just BAD!! I’m gonna say I blamed my CRAPPY run on tired muscles. You might remember I did a CrossFit competition last weekend. I want to think of this week as a recovery week. Let’s be honest…I was dog tired after that weekend! But I know myself…give me an inch and I’ll take a YARD! I knew if I convinced myself that I needed recovery time, I would have been a lazy ass and not done a single thing this week! So what better way than to attempt to do something to shake the lazy away than go for a run. Except I didn’t realize I was going to be this bad!

    Oh well…on with my day! I should remember that saying about being out there and lapping those that are still on the couch, right?



    What’s in a number? A special day…a specific time…a size? Well, you may (or may not) be familiar with 21-15-9. To me, it’s like 6-6-6…or better known as The Devil. In CrossFit, this means the number of reps you do of a movement. That number needs to be completed BEFORE moving to the next number.

    For example, yesterday’s WOD…

    “myWOD” app

    This WOD went as follows:

      21 wall balls
      21 push ups

      15 wall balls
      15 push ups

      9 wall balls
      9 push ups


    21-15-9 always brings (at least to me) a little of anxiety. I just hate the idea of doing 21 of ANYTHING…only then to be followed by 15 and 9. But most CrossFitters might admit that those numbers represent a particular WOD that brings HIGH anxiety….FRAN!!!

    ’nuff SAID….

    What is Fran you ask? She is one of CrossFit’s Benchmark WODs (aka “Girls” or B***ch, as I usually refer to them). And it goes a little something like this….



      Thrusters (95#)
      Pull ups

    I believe that women Rx is 65#.

    This is that workout that you literally walk up to ANY CrossFitter and ask “What’s your Fran?” and you won’t be looked at like you have 3 heads!!!! Don’t ask me what my Fran is….I can tell you it’s NOTHING compared to what über CrossFit athletes get! Everybody is chasing Fran!!

    Any way…no matter what movements/skills you put with it, I still love/hate 21-15-9. 😃

    Do you like Fran?
    Does 21-15-9 make YOU nervous???

    ©2014 Angie

    🎶I like to move it, move it….

    Day one after the competition feels…SORE! I thought I knew what sore was but I was wrong!! I hurt from head to toe…it hurt to blink, to sneeze, to BREATHE!! But I’m not one to give into the soreness. I went to the gym to meet with my new friend…the roller. That thing is a GOD send! It fully epitomizes the “love-hate” relationship. It’s a “hurts so good” scenario. If using the roller is WRONG, I don’t WANNA be right, kinda feeling! I’m also still tired. I am post comp day 2 and I still want to sleep like I did right after. I’m trying to get sleep but who’s got time???

    After that…

    I took this baby out for a spin (or run). It’s nice to feel like a part of the running community by owning a GPS Watch. It is the Forerunner 10. Outside of the outstanding Garmin reputation, I also purchased it because the price was right! I didn’t have to take a personal loan to have it!!! It was “only” $130…SWEET!!

      Easy to use


      I’m still a novice to it, so I’ll keep you posted!!

    Any way…back on the road… I went for an easy, SLOW, post competition run. And when I say slow, I MEAN slow! Like a pace of about 10:00-10:30. I was so sore and I figured I needed to move. I was bummed because I didn’t run as I normally do, about 1 min faster (trust me, my norm isn’t really breaking any records either). It felt good, regardless of how fast (or slow) I was going.
    I was also interested to see how the Nike+ running app compared to the watch. They seemed to be within a few seconds of each other, so if I’m ever some where when I forget one, I know I will be on track with pace.


    Tomorrow…it’s back at the gym for my regular routine. Next up for me??? TRIATHLON! Found one in April in Terra Verde, FL at Ft. DeSoto Park. I haven’t signed up yet but will keep you posted. My goal this calendar year is 3 races….keep your fingers crossed!

    ©2014 Angie

    ….and DONE!

    I completed my first individual competition over the weekend, in lovely Winter Haven, FL. My first CF competition, I had a partner in the the division. So…completing this weekend would be more like my FIRST competition, I guess. It was a two day event, 2 WODs (CF lingo for Workout of the Day) per day. It was brand new to our area and were all too excited to help support a local box with their inaugural event. Our box had the most athletes competing. The divisions were either individual or teams. Additionally divided into “Scaled”.* or “Rx”*. I was in the Women’s Scaled division.

    And if you remember, I was in the FIRST heat, FIRST lane/position!!

    NO pressure here!!

    Day 1
    After my markings were made, off we went….

    …to THIS place!! And to make matters worse, on this particular morning, it was beautiful, windy 37 degree morning!! YES! Nothing like stripping down and getting in the water.

    Me and Kate”legs” before the swim

    WOD #1

      10 min AMRAP
      50 meter swim
      10 burpees

    I was able to get 6 rounds and 3 burpees. Not bad for one of the coldest days I’ve seen in a minute or two!

    WOD #2 “QuadZILLA”

      10 AMRAP
      10 OHS* 45#
      25 m lunges with 10#
      40 singles
      25 m lunges 10#

    I was completely surprised of my outcome on this WOD. A) I LOATHE legs because B) I suck at them! I completed 3 rounds and 5 OHS. Whoa!!!

    I look HORRIBLE here! Probably before I felt like I was gonna die!!!

    Ehhh….ok maybe a LITTLE bit better. We didn’t have to keep our arms locked out during his move. Thank GOD!

    And THAT was the end of Day 1. Oh…I forgot… We had to do a”floater”. This was a weight station and we were to complete a clean and jerk for a 1 RM* in 5 minutes. Umm…ok! But NOT on Day 1 because I’m TOAST!!

    Day 2
    Oh LORD..I have to do his again??

    WOD #3 “Kettlebell Hell”

      10 min AMRAP
      10 Goblet squats 35#
      10 SDLHP* 35#
      10 KBS* 35#
      25 meter bear crawl
      10 HR push ups*
      25 meter bear crawl

    Let me just say it was 36 degrees when I did this WOD. Bear crawls…in the am…at 36 degrees…with ICE on the grass = no feelings in your hands! You SEE that white stuff on the grass?? If it wasn’t for the fact that I knew I had a kettle bell in my hand, I wouldn’t have known because I couldn’t feel it. Had NO feeling in my hands until 20 minutes or so AFTER the WOD.
    I was able to get 3 rounds. Thank GOD for hand warmers!

    WOD #4 “The End”

      6 min AMRAP
      30 G2OH* 65#
      25 meter Farmer’s carry 35# in each hand
      30 box jumps 20″ box
      25 meter Farmer’s carry 35# in each hand

      Rest 1 minute

      4 min AMRAP
      30 G2OH* 65#
      25 meter Farmer’s carry 35# in each hand
      30 box jumps 20″ box
      25 meter Farmer’s carry 35# in each hand

    If it looks like I’m in pain, it’s because I AM!

    <img src="" alt="20140120-211406.jpg" class="align-none
    My G2OH….

    My “floater” outcome was a clean and jerk of 120 lbs, which is about 84% of my body weight. I completed this about an 1 hour before WOD #4. Not my PR, but I figured not bad because I was almost spent!


    16th out of 44. I’ll take that! Hey…I’m almost 42 and I’m competing against “kids” that can be MY “kids”

    I am very thankful for the experience and the accomplishment I made. I think I am just as tired writing the post as I was doing the WODs. I would certainly do another competition after this rewarding experience. I know I will never “place” but I just don’t want to be LAST place!!

    Oh….Some CrossFit lingo that was “*”:

    Scaled- the weight in the WOD was decreased.

    Rx- “prescribed”; meaning using the weight for that WOD as it was originally written.

    OHS- overhead squats

    SDLHP – Sumo deadlift high pulls

    KBS- Kettlebell swings

    HR push ups- hand release push ups

    G2OH- ground to overhead; any movement to get the weight overhead.

    To get more detailed info and see videos of these movements, check out the official CrossFit website.

    Thanks to my great gym family for all of the love and support for this weekend! #CFUFPCstrong





    Gettin’ ready….

    Tomorrow is the day of my competition. (Actually by the time this posts…I will have already finished day 1 and slowly dying!!). This is a 2 day competition, with 2 WODs per day. Whoa! So, thought it would be interesting to walk through the items that I needed (or not) for this event. I believe it’s all necessary but it seriously looks like I’m moving away from home…my husband sincerely thought I was!!!

    1. Change of clothes

    Well, I literally went through ALL of my gym clothes that I keep in my bag.

    ..and in this mess, I found some clothes. I would recommend a change of clothes, WITH unmentionables, for after your WOD. I did 2 WODs today…with one in the water, therefore, I had 2 changes of clothes.

    2. Shoes

    These beauties made their debut today. It’s important to have the right shoes and be prepared for whatever WODs that come your way. Today only required one pair but you might need to have an additional pair for other needs. Sometimes, if there is a run involved, I prefer my Brooks Pure Connect 2. They are lightweight shoes that I LOVE….and helpful in WODs with some running.

    SN: I’m a name brand snob for my running shoes…Brooks are my absolute favorite! My previous ones were Brooks also!
    PS…with your shoes PLEASE don’t forget your socks! Not a good feeling without them!

    3. Food you EVER need food!! I feel like I have never been more hungry in my life than after a competition WOD. This is only my second competition, so I knew what to expect. Be prepared with a variety of items…

    I love making a “sandwich” with romaine lettuce. The lettuce acts as the bread and provides a great crunch. I used some guacamole as a light spread, with string cheese…yummmmmmmy!

    I got bananas and halos! halos! Just an easy peel and eat. What are those in the bag back there? Ok…sorry..chips of ANY sort are my weakness. I had to have them!! Who can have a sandwich with out them, huh?
    The Zone protein bars (my FAV!) were for my breakfast, about an hour before my first WOD.

    4. Fluids

    Can’t say enough about hydrating. I had a gallon with me and I drank another one quarter of it. Maybe I should have had more?? Possibly…but I really wasn’t interested in peeing myself during the WODs.

    5. Extras

    Wrist wraps
    Swim cap/goggles*
    Personal hygiene items
    Bags for wet / dirty clothes

    I hope that this list was helpful to someone out there considering participating in a CrossFit (or CF style) competition. I’m sure there is something I forgot…but this may be a great start!
    Happy WODing!!

    Have you ever done a CrossFit competition? What items did you bring

    Am I a runner?

    …or someone that likes to run? I saw this question and made me think about how I classify myself. And the answer is I don’t know. I mean, I like to run but I feel like a major DORK when I run around others. They look so nice and graceful when running…I look like the ANTI-that! Their bodies look like a lean,mean fighting machine. I look like the ANTI-that! I keep hope alive that if I continue to run and surround myself with people who know what they are doing, by association I will look like a RUNNER!!!!. People will think I’m a runner, so I’ll be a runner!

    I will continue to run, buy the magazines to help me be an educated runner…


    Love these magazines!!!
    I always find these magazines inspiring and want to get out and run!!

    I will continue to use my Nike+ running app because I love it.

    Nike+ app for iPhone is available on iTunes

    I like seeing the course that I ran when I’m done. SN: I started introducing music back into my runs because I was doing a lot of running by myself. When I’m not at a race, I need some mental stimulation and distraction and music fills that void.

    I will continue to make sure my running accessories are up to par! (I could at least LOOK the part,right?!?!?!). I decided that 2014 was going to be the year my fitness will SOAR! My running goal is a 10k. So how does one better prepare with those training runs? Get a Garmin!!!

    Garmin Forerunner 10

    I like that I didn’t have to take a second mortgage on my house to get one. There are many great options but for what I needed and what I wanted to pay…this was the one!! I’ve wanted one for a while and will get to break it in after my competition this coming weekend. I can’t WAIT!

    So let’s see…I have the GPS watch, the shoes, clothing , sneakers (not my new Nanos, by the way) and the app. I’m a runner then, right?? Or at least I look like one (“I’m not a runner, I just play one on TV”)

    Truth of the matter is…I AM a runner. I love to run for many physical reasons but the mental quiet time for this busy working mom is second to NONE. It’s just me and the road. I love this sport…and because I love it….that is what makes me A RUNNER!!!

    How do you view yourself? Are you a runner or someone that likes to run?

    ©2014 Angie