NYE Recap

Whew…..what.a.dinner!!! I really don’t need to eat until 2014!!! Get it??? That’s tomorrow….I kill me!!! M,myself,my sister and BIL went to a great tapas restaurant in Orlando called Santiago’s Bodega. I was introduced to this restaurant almost two years ago at its original location in Key West. M took me there to celebrate my 40th (YIKES!!) birthday and it was perfect!!!

Best Restaurant EVER!!!

We were so delighted to get to share the evening, sans children, with my sister and BIL. (We have 2…and they have 3). My sister LOVES tapas…and I’m thinking she may be the one that introduced me to it. So..it was nice to introduce her to one of our favorite places.
For those that aren’t familiar with tapas, it’s basically a variety of small plates , appetizers or finger food that has an origin in the Spanish culture. They can be served COLD (i.e. cheese plate, bruschetta, olives, etc.) or HOT. The idea is for everyone to order and share different items. This way you don’t get TOO full and you get to try something you might want to try but may be afraid to order. Hubby and I typically go for hot tapas.
The run down of the menu last night (I have some pictures, but sorry, as they really don’t do justice to how GREAT the food was!!)


Spicy Shrimp Bisque (M and BIL)
French Onion soup (MY favorite!!)
Avocodo and Pear salad (My sister order this. It was the first time I had it and I will DEFINITELY order it again!!! It gets my 4 “OMG”s on my “OMG” scale)
Shrimp and Chorizo skewers (M, sister, and BIL….I’m not necessarily a lover of either of these but they LOVED it)
….and a lovely glass of Malbec (selected by M, of course!!! And I use “a” lightly as we had more than “a” glass….)


Beef Tenderloin
Topped with bleu cheese butter. This was to DIE for…


This picture isn’t good but this was fabulous! It’s potatoes, prosciutto and cheese and to be topped with a scallion sour cream.


Beef short ribs
Lovely….just lovely!

Short ribs on the left; patatas bravas on the right

Patatas bravas
Fried potatoes then sautéed with a spicy garlic sauce. M says it means “angry potatoes” in Espanol. (I trust him….he would know because he’s the resident Cuban after all!!)

Roman Meatballs
A mixture of lamb, pork, and beef sitting on a lovely bed of Angel hair pasta with a hint of marinara.WOW!!!!!


I hadn’t had lamb before this. It was encrusted with pecans and mustard. I won’t EVER eat lamb any.other.way!! ( 5 “OMG”s on my “OMG” scale). Fully expecting M or my sister to make it for me!! Hint…hint….


Then there was DESSERT!!!!

Bread Pudding
Another first for me as I’ve always had the impression of this dessert being a wet bread thingy. This was made with croissants with a caramel bourbon glaze. It was topped with (my favorite) blueberries. Another WOW!!!

Chocolate cake
I had this on my 40th birthday. It’s a flourless cake with wild flower honey and topped with (AGAIN) blueberries!!! My evening couldn’t get ANY better!!!

What a way to end a great year and say hello to 2014. I hope if you are ever in the Orlando area or in Key West that you have any opportunity to try Santiago’s Bodega out!!

Happy New Year! Cheers…….


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