Family Freaking Fun….

Let me just say that family vacations are exhausting! I love being able to spend time with my kids. As a working mother, I don’t get to spend as much time as I want/ need to with the kids. Where did you go you ask…?
We went to…..,,.


That’s right…the MECCA of all that is family fun! My LORD is this place a mess! Strollers…kids…parents!! Merchandise, food, characters. Parents yelling at their kids about being “ungrateful”, “bratty”, “obnoxious”, parades, wrong people with wrong outfits! My head is spinning!! 3 parks in 4 days…WOW!! I spent a gazillion dollars for all this family fun! Kids loved it…I wanted to drink!!
You feel validated as a parent when you hear others yelling the SAME things to their kids as you are to yours!

Some of my highlights…

A is trying to free the sword from the stone! Look at that face….
Also, my guys waiting for Pirates of the Caribbean…rocking those dollar store ponchos!!,

<img src="" alt="20140104-202258


This is what I love at WDW..the popcorn…


This is what happens when you let your KIDS eat some and then they decide to finally “share” it with you….


This thing right HERE…aka Space Mountain…was RIDICULOUSLY faster than I remember! Of course…I might have been in my teens when I went last….


I was glad that I was able to get SOME exercise during this va-cay…
Going to the peaks does include a lot of walking…but then you are eating a ton too! So it all evens out….
I was able to get 3 miles on 3 different days. It’s not a lot but one of my goals for 2014 is to get to do a 10k. I usually run during the week,either actual mileage or during a CrossFit WOD. But I need to do more! One of the reasons of doing this blog was to also to hold me accountable for these goals. I figured if I wrote it, said it, and now BLOGGED it…I gotta get going and DO it!

Back to work on Monday, which means kids are back to school and I’m back on my routine! It’s going to be a disaster great!!!
Wish me luck …..,,

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