Back At It, Part Deux

Glad to be “back at it” today. I was away last week and even though I ran, I didn’t get my CrossFit fill. Today, I was back at my home away from home…..

CrossFit UFPC


This is where I continue to cultivate my love/hate relationship with CrossFit…

<img src="" alt="20140106-

source – “myWOD” app

Today’s WOD (or as I called it..” You shouldn’t have gone on vacation, smarty pants!!!” ). I’m gonna be SORE tomorrow. But that good sore… you know that kind that doesn’t make you regret your gym time! I ❤️ that feeling!!

For those that are CrossFit naïve, the workout objective is to complete:
-400 meter run
-50 overhead lunges with 25 # weight
-25 weighted sit ups with 15# medicine ball
-20 wood choppers
( PS…that’s ONE round)
Now…do a total of 3 rounds for time. I was able to get 23 minutes and 45 seconds.

Unlike normal people, I suppose, I workout after work. Like I pick up my kids from school and bring them to the gym! #badmom
But if have seen my post about my day, you already know I won’t can’t get up any earlier . “Hi Ho, hi’s off to gym I go!!” for one hour!
Until tomorrow…

When do you get to workout and what do you do?
Do you prefer morning or afternoons?

©2014 Angie

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