šŸŽ¶Basketball Jones….šŸŽ¶

One of the many hats I wear includes being a Basketball Mom (a “BM”….bwahahahaha!!! I said BM!!). Yep…that’s right…I bought the WHOLE deal!! I’m a SUV driving, car sticker toting, “Proud Parent” T-shirt wearing, team parent snack organizing Basketball Mom. I love watching my youngest, A, learn how to play in his first year. It is funny….watching 6 and 7 year olds!

“Look Mom…I earned some STARS in practice!”
For what you ask??? I have NO idea….

He’s so cute trying to play and emulate his idol…no NOT LBJ or D.Wade…But his big brother, J…

20140107-192416.jpgNot bad J…Not bad!!

I love watching J’s skills on the court. Who knows…maybe a future Gator Basketball player in the making! GO GATORS!!! #tickets

Basketball day, Tuesday to you normal folks, consists of 2 practices…one for A at 6 and one for J at 7. Long day considering WE I start the day at 4 am. Since I am probably the most NON domestic person on planet Earth, I’m cooking dinner at McDonald’s! I know….not exactly ideal for a person that is trying to be a “Fit Mom”!!! #badmom. The Mickey Ds guy knows my order on this evening! #embarrassed
But..HA…showed him!! I went to Wendy’s tonight….

Ok now for the selfish part…I hate Tuesday because I miss going to CrossFit!!! All I can think about is what WOD I’m missing…particularly since my competition is less than TWO weeks away! Not as prepared as I’d like to be….. #boo
One of these days I’m going to learn that I won’t DIE if I don’t go one day! M keeps reminding me of this…but he’s wrong…I will die! Die trying to keep my behind in my pants comfortably!!
So Tuesday is my “off” day; it’s an odd and weird day to have off but I TRY and justify it because I’m a BM (still makes me laugh!!!).
Note to self.…this is ONLY until February. Hang in there, girl!

How many “hats” do you wear?
What is your least favorite day and why?

Ā©2014 Angie

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