Today was a little bit of a different WOD. We did WOD #1 from the competition. One word…WHOA!!! That thing right there….hmpf……was a KILLER!

myWOD app

Yep…you read it right…a swim WOD. Fortunately for me the swim was the easy part..my recovery from the 10 burpees! #iHATEburpees. (Most in my group were the other way around). I’m always going the opposite way as others!). I was able to go to a pool about 30 minutes from me in Lakeland,FL…


It was a nice pool and what I like the best was the open swim on Saturdays. My local pool doesn’t usually have hours on the weekend, so this was a treat!

It was only $3 for open swim time…SWEET!

The countdown has begun and has made the fact that the competition is going to happen. This will be my second attempt to be in the CF competition arena. I just hope I don’t embarrass myself or my box (for the CF newbies…box = gym).

The heat assignments were just released. Which one am I in??? Heat 1!! Heat mother effin’ ONE! Which means I will have NO time to have the vomiting or diarrhea PLUS the panic attack that I deserve!! First heat and first lane/position! No pressure there…..

I’m scared, I won’t lie. But I have to remember that I am only competing with myself.
NTS: Remember this on Saturday, PUH-LEEZE!!

T-minus 7 days and scarred….

©2014 Angie

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