If there is one thing that is constant about me (other than the fact that I am TOTALLY nuts..) is that I LOVE my Gators…. The University of Florida Gators!!! I mean, what alumni doesn’t, right?? I have the traditional Gator stuff…you know….
…the mug


..the hat..


…the iPhone cover,etc. But I thought it was interesting how many non traditional things I’ve seen, all in the name of Gators!

Here’s what I saw:

Gator shoes..because EVERYONE needs these for game day!

<img src="" alt="20140113-215911.jpg"

Need a glass of wine? Why not try these Gator crystal glasses? Keep it classy, Gators…keep it CLASSY!


How ’bout some snacks?? Chocolate covered pretzels with Orange and Blue sprinkles!!! Sign me up….


Need some sauce for that tailgating BBQ….??


Need the house to smell good after all the Rowdy Reptiles leave! Here's a candle…

Which by the way actually smells like an actual gator in the swamp (NOT the football field, mind you!)

I’m going to keep an eye out for of all this Gator non traditional fare. Who knows what I might find and share with you next!


©2014 Angie

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