I got ’em…

A friend of mine posted on FB an article titled “25 Signs You are Addicted to CrossFit” from CrossFit 818 website. Apprehensively, I opened the link, afraid of staring my obsession right in the face!! I shouldn’t have been surprised by the signs that wrote about because I exhibit them pretty much anytime there is CrossFit involved!!

Here’s a few of my favs:

    You can’t start anything without hearing “3,2,1…..Go!”

    You compare shin bruises and rope burns with friends.

    If you meet someone named “Fran” you might involuntarily throw up a little.

    Bacon, bacon, bacon

    There’s no such thing as TOO much chalk!

    And last but certainly not least…drum roll please….

    People don’t ask if you’re obsessed with CrossFit because you will happily tell them! (you know..FB statuses, IG pictures, Tweets, and of course..BLOGS!)

So after I read the whole article, I thought maybe they forgot something. (get to that in just a sec…)
Today, I bought my FIRST pair of Reebok Nano 3.0!! I’ve been salivating over a pair of these since the summer. I need new shoes before the competition, so why not???

Aren’t the BEE-utiful???

Bringing it all together…I got to thinking about the “addiction” article and it made me think I would add my own sign! Ready….
….and the 26th sign you are addicted to CrossFit???

    You bitch and complain about how expensive EVERYTHING is in your life but you have NO problem dropping over 100 bucks on some Nano 3.0’s!!!

BOOM!! 3…2…1….CrossFit crazy!! Go out and share the craziness…I did!


Do you believe what they are saying about CF being an addiction?

What fitness routine/regiment are you “addicted” to??

©2014 Angie

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