Gettin’ ready….

Tomorrow is the day of my competition. (Actually by the time this posts…I will have already finished day 1 and slowly dying!!). This is a 2 day competition, with 2 WODs per day. Whoa! So, thought it would be interesting to walk through the items that I needed (or not) for this event. I believe it’s all necessary but it seriously looks like I’m moving away from home…my husband sincerely thought I was!!!

1. Change of clothes

Well, I literally went through ALL of my gym clothes that I keep in my bag.

..and in this mess, I found some clothes. I would recommend a change of clothes, WITH unmentionables, for after your WOD. I did 2 WODs today…with one in the water, therefore, I had 2 changes of clothes.

2. Shoes

These beauties made their debut today. It’s important to have the right shoes and be prepared for whatever WODs that come your way. Today only required one pair but you might need to have an additional pair for other needs. Sometimes, if there is a run involved, I prefer my Brooks Pure Connect 2. They are lightweight shoes that I LOVE….and helpful in WODs with some running.

SN: I’m a name brand snob for my running shoes…Brooks are my absolute favorite! My previous ones were Brooks also!
PS…with your shoes PLEASE don’t forget your socks! Not a good feeling without them!

3. Food you EVER need food!! I feel like I have never been more hungry in my life than after a competition WOD. This is only my second competition, so I knew what to expect. Be prepared with a variety of items…

I love making a “sandwich” with romaine lettuce. The lettuce acts as the bread and provides a great crunch. I used some guacamole as a light spread, with string cheese…yummmmmmmy!

I got bananas and halos! halos! Just an easy peel and eat. What are those in the bag back there? Ok…sorry..chips of ANY sort are my weakness. I had to have them!! Who can have a sandwich with out them, huh?
The Zone protein bars (my FAV!) were for my breakfast, about an hour before my first WOD.

4. Fluids

Can’t say enough about hydrating. I had a gallon with me and I drank another one quarter of it. Maybe I should have had more?? Possibly…but I really wasn’t interested in peeing myself during the WODs.

5. Extras

Wrist wraps
Swim cap/goggles*
Personal hygiene items
Bags for wet / dirty clothes

I hope that this list was helpful to someone out there considering participating in a CrossFit (or CF style) competition. I’m sure there is something I forgot…but this may be a great start!
Happy WODing!!

Have you ever done a CrossFit competition? What items did you bring

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