….and DONE!

I completed my first individual competition over the weekend, in lovely Winter Haven, FL. My first CF competition, I had a partner in the the division. So…completing this weekend would be more like my FIRST competition, I guess. It was a two day event, 2 WODs (CF lingo for Workout of the Day) per day. It was brand new to our area and were all too excited to help support a local box with their inaugural event. Our box had the most athletes competing. The divisions were either individual or teams. Additionally divided into “Scaled”.* or “Rx”*. I was in the Women’s Scaled division.

And if you remember, I was in the FIRST heat, FIRST lane/position!!

NO pressure here!!

Day 1
After my markings were made, off we went….

…to THIS place!! And to make matters worse, on this particular morning, it was beautiful, windy 37 degree morning!! YES! Nothing like stripping down and getting in the water.

Me and Kate”legs” before the swim

WOD #1

    10 min AMRAP
    50 meter swim
    10 burpees

I was able to get 6 rounds and 3 burpees. Not bad for one of the coldest days I’ve seen in a minute or two!

WOD #2 “QuadZILLA”

    10 AMRAP
    10 OHS* 45#
    25 m lunges with 10#
    40 singles
    25 m lunges 10#

I was completely surprised of my outcome on this WOD. A) I LOATHE legs because B) I suck at them! I completed 3 rounds and 5 OHS. Whoa!!!

I look HORRIBLE here! Probably before I felt like I was gonna die!!!

Ehhh….ok maybe a LITTLE bit better. We didn’t have to keep our arms locked out during his move. Thank GOD!

And THAT was the end of Day 1. Oh…I forgot… We had to do a”floater”. This was a weight station and we were to complete a clean and jerk for a 1 RM* in 5 minutes. Umm…ok! But NOT on Day 1 because I’m TOAST!!

Day 2
Oh LORD..I have to do his again??

WOD #3 “Kettlebell Hell”

    10 min AMRAP
    10 Goblet squats 35#
    10 SDLHP* 35#
    10 KBS* 35#
    25 meter bear crawl
    10 HR push ups*
    25 meter bear crawl

Let me just say it was 36 degrees when I did this WOD. Bear crawls…in the am…at 36 degrees…with ICE on the grass = no feelings in your hands! You SEE that white stuff on the grass?? If it wasn’t for the fact that I knew I had a kettle bell in my hand, I wouldn’t have known because I couldn’t feel it. Had NO feeling in my hands until 20 minutes or so AFTER the WOD.
I was able to get 3 rounds. Thank GOD for hand warmers!

WOD #4 “The End”

    6 min AMRAP
    30 G2OH* 65#
    25 meter Farmer’s carry 35# in each hand
    30 box jumps 20″ box
    25 meter Farmer’s carry 35# in each hand

    Rest 1 minute

    4 min AMRAP
    30 G2OH* 65#
    25 meter Farmer’s carry 35# in each hand
    30 box jumps 20″ box
    25 meter Farmer’s carry 35# in each hand

If it looks like I’m in pain, it’s because I AM!

<img src="https://amal7072.files.wordpress.com/2014/01/20140120-211406.jpg" alt="20140120-211406.jpg" class="align-none
My G2OH….

My “floater” outcome was a clean and jerk of 120 lbs, which is about 84% of my body weight. I completed this about an 1 hour before WOD #4. Not my PR, but I figured not bad because I was almost spent!


16th out of 44. I’ll take that! Hey…I’m almost 42 and I’m competing against “kids” that can be MY “kids”

I am very thankful for the experience and the accomplishment I made. I think I am just as tired writing the post as I was doing the WODs. I would certainly do another competition after this rewarding experience. I know I will never “place” but I just don’t want to be LAST place!!

Oh….Some CrossFit lingo that was “*”:

Scaled- the weight in the WOD was decreased.

Rx- “prescribed”; meaning using the weight for that WOD as it was originally written.

OHS- overhead squats

SDLHP – Sumo deadlift high pulls

KBS- Kettlebell swings

HR push ups- hand release push ups

G2OH- ground to overhead; any movement to get the weight overhead.

To get more detailed info and see videos of these movements, check out the official CrossFit website.

Thanks to my great gym family for all of the love and support for this weekend! #CFUFPCstrong





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