What’s in a number? A special day…a specific time…a size? Well, you may (or may not) be familiar with 21-15-9. To me, it’s like 6-6-6…or better known as The Devil. In CrossFit, this means the number of reps you do of a movement. That number needs to be completed BEFORE moving to the next number.

For example, yesterday’s WOD…

“myWOD” app

This WOD went as follows:

    21 wall balls
    21 push ups

    15 wall balls
    15 push ups

    9 wall balls
    9 push ups


21-15-9 always brings (at least to me) a little of anxiety. I just hate the idea of doing 21 of ANYTHING…only then to be followed by 15 and 9. But most CrossFitters might admit that those numbers represent a particular WOD that brings HIGH anxiety….FRAN!!!

’nuff SAID….

What is Fran you ask? She is one of CrossFit’s Benchmark WODs (aka “Girls” or B***ch, as I usually refer to them). And it goes a little something like this….



    Thrusters (95#)
    Pull ups

I believe that women Rx is 65#.

This is that workout that you literally walk up to ANY CrossFitter and ask “What’s your Fran?” and you won’t be looked at like you have 3 heads!!!! Don’t ask me what my Fran is….I can tell you it’s NOTHING compared to what über CrossFit athletes get! Everybody is chasing Fran!!

Any way…no matter what movements/skills you put with it, I still love/hate 21-15-9. 😃

Do you like Fran?
Does 21-15-9 make YOU nervous???

©2014 Angie

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