Where did the weekend go? This is what I ask myself EVERY Sunday night/Monday morning! This weekend was particularly full…


  • My morning run! (Tried to get 4 miles in, but didn’t have the time! 3.25 will have to do! SN: PLAN AHEAD!!!!
  • A’s basketball game at 12pm
  • J’s basketball game at 1pm
  • J had altar serving duties at 4:30 Mass. SN: drove 50 minutes to get there because it is his SCHOOL’S church, not our home church
  • Shop for J’s Cotillion program* attire.
  • 20140127-092321.jpg
    Doesn’t he look so GROWN up?? When did THAT HAPPEN!?!?


  • Oops…I realize I don’t have PANTS for my child for his Cotillion program!! WALMART!!
  • Mass…but church library duty first
  • J goes to Cotillion program (My Dad had to help with getting J there…again 50 minutes away! SN: M couldn’t help because he’s in charge of cooking! Not a bad deal from where I sit or stand or whatever….)
  • A goes to Blue Knights* (I was in charge of the craft this month).
  • Laundry,laundry,LAUNDRY!!
  • No evening run because it rained! My slack behind should have went in the treadmill! I officially suck…..!
  • Whew…! I want my weekends back! But then again..I wouldn’t have it any other way!!!

    By the way….

    *Cotillion – noun

  • a formal ball given for debutantes
  • By no means is that what my child is, but part of the south still has programs where they teach basic social dances (ie Waltz, Rumba, etc), every day manners, social graces, etc. These are things that I teach my boys (except that dancing stuff….NO Dancing with Stars here!!) all the time but it is nice there is a program where he can be with his classmates and peers. BONUS: there IS a “ball” after it is all said and done!!

    *Blue Knights-

  • a Catholic based boys program to help them learn about their faith and continue to grow spiritually. Geared towards boys from 4 to about 8 years old.
  • It’s nice for my youngest, A, to have something at church to get involved with as well. SN: For those who may be interested, we learned about….

    St. Michael

    Ok…’nuff said and on to Monday…..


    How was your weekend? Busy????

    ©2014 Angie

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