As I sit here and type this post, I am STILL sore from the WOD yesterday! Tuesdays are my day off because of basketball for J and A. I sit, I wait on the uncomfortable bleachers in the gym, which isn’t so hot when you are sore!!
At CrossFit UFPC, this is what met me at the door…


Thrusters??? Really?? I LOATHE thrusters!! I have come to realize that my list of “I HATE….” in CrossFit it becoming longer. In no particular order, I HATE…

  • Thrusters
  • Wall Balls
  • Burpees
  • Wall walks
  • (Am I talking gibberish to you with these CrossFit skills/moves? When I am not so cheap, I’ll upgrade my WordPress blog so I can post videos here!! Until then, check out the link for info!)

    But just like the saying….”This s**t SUCKS!! What time tomorrow??” (I absolutely have to get my hands on THAT shirt!)

    Let me just say, that thrusters include the one thing that is my weak point…SQUATS!! You can give me upper body ALL.DAY.LONG, but please don’t give me squats! I mentally phase out of the WOD when I see “squat” or any of its cousins.
    BUT…. it’s 2014, and I’m gonna face my fears, lack of skill, whatever you want to call it…this is the Year of the Squats (for me it is, any way).


    Yeah…that’s what I intend on doing to those squats… #crushtheMOFO

    Is there any move, skill, exercise,etc that you hate??

    ©2014 Angie

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