Only got 4 Minutes…

Betcha you thought I was gonna give my rendition of the Madonna/Justin Timberlake’s song….but….instead 🎶….in my BEST Aretha Franklin voice…RESP-E-CT….🎶. I have a new found RESPECT for 4 minutes. doesn’t SEEM like a lot of time, right? I’m quite sure there are many things I can do it 4 minutes….easily. Can’t think of anything right now, but I KNOW there is !!
Today’s WOD was 4 minute stations

It doesn’t look that THAT bad, does it? Couldn’t be more wrong!! Four minutes seemed like an eternity. Who knew??? The only reason it was a nice WOD because it kept us in the gym because we had this…

When is Florida coming back from winter hiatus??? I want my warm weather back….!

Tomorrow…will probably try and run. My schedule is crazy this week, as basketball comes to an end at the boy’s school. I still have 2 more weeks of the other basketball team J plays for, and then I get a “life” back! Or my so called “life”…fingers crossed!

©2014 Angie

SN: I USED to have a new respect for 10 minutes after the competition! But 4 minutes has TOTALLY trumped it!

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