I got ’em…

A friend of mine posted on FB an article titled “25 Signs You are Addicted to CrossFit” from CrossFit 818 website. Apprehensively, I opened the link, afraid of staring my obsession right in the face!! I shouldn’t have been surprised by the signs that wrote about because I exhibit them pretty much anytime there is CrossFit involved!!

Here’s a few of my favs:

    You can’t start anything without hearing “3,2,1…..Go!”

    You compare shin bruises and rope burns with friends.

    If you meet someone named “Fran” you might involuntarily throw up a little.

    Bacon, bacon, bacon

    There’s no such thing as TOO much chalk!

    And last but certainly not least…drum roll please….

    People don’t ask if you’re obsessed with CrossFit because you will happily tell them! (you know..FB statuses, IG pictures, Tweets, and of course..BLOGS!)

So after I read the whole article, I thought maybe they forgot something. (get to that in just a sec…)
Today, I bought my FIRST pair of Reebok Nano 3.0!! I’ve been salivating over a pair of these since the summer. I need new shoes before the competition, so why not???

Aren’t the BEE-utiful???

Bringing it all together…I got to thinking about the “addiction” article and it made me think I would add my own sign! Ready….
….and the 26th sign you are addicted to CrossFit???

    You bitch and complain about how expensive EVERYTHING is in your life but you have NO problem dropping over 100 bucks on some Nano 3.0’s!!!

BOOM!! 3…2…1….CrossFit crazy!! Go out and share the craziness…I did!


Do you believe what they are saying about CF being an addiction?

What fitness routine/regiment are you “addicted” to??

©2014 Angie

I’m scared!!

The fourth and final WOD for the 2 day competition starting on January 18. Let me say…UGH!!! I keep telling myself “Keep Calm and WOD on!” But here’s the kicker, there is a WOD five!!!

What you can’t see in the picture is that after the one minute rest…. I am supposed to do the same workout as a 4 minute AMRAP ( CF newbies… AMRAP= As Many Rounds /Reps As Possible…! Whew!)

Trying this WOD (I forgot this one…WOD = workout of the day) made me even MORE nervous than before!!

Who’s brought idea was it to do this again???

Have you ever singed up for an event and then regret doing so?

©2014 Angie


If there is one thing that is constant about me (other than the fact that I am TOTALLY nuts..) is that I LOVE my Gators…. The University of Florida Gators!!! I mean, what alumni doesn’t, right?? I have the traditional Gator stuff…you know….
…the mug


..the hat..


…the iPhone cover,etc. But I thought it was interesting how many non traditional things I’ve seen, all in the name of Gators!

Here’s what I saw:

Gator shoes..because EVERYONE needs these for game day!

<img src="https://amal7072.files.wordpress.com/2014/01/20140113-215911.jpg" alt="20140113-215911.jpg"

Need a glass of wine? Why not try these Gator crystal glasses? Keep it classy, Gators…keep it CLASSY!


How ’bout some snacks?? Chocolate covered pretzels with Orange and Blue sprinkles!!! Sign me up….


Need some sauce for that tailgating BBQ….??


Need the house to smell good after all the Rowdy Reptiles leave! Here's a candle…

Which by the way actually smells like an actual gator in the swamp (NOT the football field, mind you!)

I’m going to keep an eye out for of all this Gator non traditional fare. Who knows what I might find and share with you next!


©2014 Angie


Today was a little bit of a different WOD. We did WOD #1 from the competition. One word…WHOA!!! That thing right there….hmpf……was a KILLER!

myWOD app

Yep…you read it right…a swim WOD. Fortunately for me the swim was the easy part..my recovery from the 10 burpees! #iHATEburpees. (Most in my group were the other way around). I’m always going the opposite way as others!). I was able to go to a pool about 30 minutes from me in Lakeland,FL…


It was a nice pool and what I like the best was the open swim on Saturdays. My local pool doesn’t usually have hours on the weekend, so this was a treat!

It was only $3 for open swim time…SWEET!

The countdown has begun and has made the fact that the competition is going to happen. This will be my second attempt to be in the CF competition arena. I just hope I don’t embarrass myself or my box (for the CF newbies…box = gym).

The heat assignments were just released. Which one am I in??? Heat 1!! Heat mother effin’ ONE! Which means I will have NO time to have the vomiting or diarrhea PLUS the panic attack that I deserve!! First heat and first lane/position! No pressure there…..

I’m scared, I won’t lie. But I have to remember that I am only competing with myself.
NTS: Remember this on Saturday, PUH-LEEZE!!

T-minus 7 days and scarred….

©2014 Angie

Happy Anniversary

Yesterday was my 15th wedding anniversary. I’ve been with my husband since I was 20 years old! Wow…whoa! I’m STILL amazed that I found someone that liked me enough to date me….


Like me enough to marry me….


Like me enough to continue to STAY with me…

Quadzilla 2014

Practiced today for the competition . Boy..sheesh…holy s**t!! I’m going to be honest and say that I really don’t feel as prepared for this one, as the one I did in August 2013. Mainly because I was training when the kiddos are out of school (i.e. I can make it to the gym 5 days per week). Kids are in school, extra curricular activities are in full swing = less gym time for Mom! This, in turn leads to:

  • Anger
  • Frustration
  • Obsessing about fitting in my pants!!
  • I got there today to try out the newly released WOD for the competition. It’s nice to get a feel for where you are…it’s NOT going to be nice the amount of SORENESS I will experience because of my lack of preparation. Since the start of B-ball season..I average about 2-3 days in the gym. I want more..but my schedule just won’t cooperate with what I want! After all, it IS all about me, right??
    Note to Self (NTS)Hmmpf… “De plane, de PLANE..” (in my BEST Tattoo voice)…when you get OFF of Fantasy Island and realize it ain’t about you, you’ll probably regain your sanity.

    The Quadzilla WOD

    myWOD app

    Let me say that legs are my LEAST favorite! I am so weak!! Give me upper body til I die. Give me lower body and I WILL die!
    We shall see if I can walk tomorrow….let alone get off the commode!! Til tomorrow…..

    What’s your favorite body to workout?

    ©2014 Angie

    🎶Basketball Jones….🎶

    One of the many hats I wear includes being a Basketball Mom (a “BM”….bwahahahaha!!! I said BM!!). Yep…that’s right…I bought the WHOLE deal!! I’m a SUV driving, car sticker toting, “Proud Parent” T-shirt wearing, team parent snack organizing Basketball Mom. I love watching my youngest, A, learn how to play in his first year. It is funny….watching 6 and 7 year olds!

    “Look Mom…I earned some STARS in practice!”
    For what you ask??? I have NO idea….

    He’s so cute trying to play and emulate his idol…no NOT LBJ or D.Wade…But his big brother, J…

    20140107-192416.jpgNot bad J…Not bad!!

    I love watching J’s skills on the court. Who knows…maybe a future Gator Basketball player in the making! GO GATORS!!! #tickets

    Basketball day, Tuesday to you normal folks, consists of 2 practices…one for A at 6 and one for J at 7. Long day considering WE I start the day at 4 am. Since I am probably the most NON domestic person on planet Earth, I’m cooking dinner at McDonald’s! I know….not exactly ideal for a person that is trying to be a “Fit Mom”!!! #badmom. The Mickey Ds guy knows my order on this evening! #embarrassed
    But..HA…showed him!! I went to Wendy’s tonight….

    Ok now for the selfish part…I hate Tuesday because I miss going to CrossFit!!! All I can think about is what WOD I’m missing…particularly since my competition is less than TWO weeks away! Not as prepared as I’d like to be….. #boo
    One of these days I’m going to learn that I won’t DIE if I don’t go one day! M keeps reminding me of this…but he’s wrong…I will die! Die trying to keep my behind in my pants comfortably!!
    So Tuesday is my “off” day; it’s an odd and weird day to have off but I TRY and justify it because I’m a BM (still makes me laugh!!!).
    Note to self.…this is ONLY until February. Hang in there, girl!

    How many “hats” do you wear?
    What is your least favorite day and why?

    ©2014 Angie

    Back At It, Part Deux

    Glad to be “back at it” today. I was away last week and even though I ran, I didn’t get my CrossFit fill. Today, I was back at my home away from home…..

    CrossFit UFPC


    This is where I continue to cultivate my love/hate relationship with CrossFit…

    <img src="https://amal7072.files.wordpress.com/2014/01/20140106-220514.jpg" alt="20140106-

    source – “myWOD” app

    Today’s WOD (or as I called it..” You shouldn’t have gone on vacation, smarty pants!!!” ). I’m gonna be SORE tomorrow. But that good sore… you know that kind that doesn’t make you regret your gym time! I ❤️ that feeling!!

    For those that are CrossFit naïve, the workout objective is to complete:
    -400 meter run
    -50 overhead lunges with 25 # weight
    -25 weighted sit ups with 15# medicine ball
    -20 wood choppers
    ( PS…that’s ONE round)
    Now…do a total of 3 rounds for time. I was able to get 23 minutes and 45 seconds.

    Unlike normal people, I suppose, I workout after work. Like I pick up my kids from school and bring them to the gym! #badmom
    But if have seen my post about my day, you already know I won’t can’t get up any earlier . “Hi Ho, hi ho..it’s off to gym I go!!” for one hour!
    Until tomorrow…

    When do you get to workout and what do you do?
    Do you prefer morning or afternoons?

    ©2014 Angie

    Back At It….

    Today is the first full work week of the new year. My kiddos, J and A, don’t start school until tomorrow so I have a small break until the madness of school returns. This also gives me a full day to figure out how in GOD’S name I am going to add blogging to my already full schedule. I am like every other working mother…busy!! ….Cue the theatrical music –
    Here’s a glimpse of my day –

    1. Wake up at 4 am
    Just typing this sounds REE-diculous! But I like to watch Netflix or HBO GO to take my time to get ready in the morning. I am usually too lazy to iron mine and hubby’s work stuff before I go to bed, so I’m stuck doing it in the am!! Yes…I iron…really the only domestic talent I have!! ( more on that some other time).

    2.Wake up J and A at 5:20 am
    Doubly REE-diculous!! But we have to have time to fight each other about getting up, then have some brotherly fighting too! Washed up, dressed, small breakfast and we are OUT! Why so early you ask…both the boys and I go to school and work about 50 minutes from where we live ( Valrico, FL ————–> Winter Haven, FL in case you’re interested)

    3.Drop kids off at 7am
    J has to be there early for morning study group!

    4. Get to work
    Being a Physician Assistant starts the MINUTE I get to my desk. Won’t bore you with that….maybe another time and post.

    The rest of the day is pretty much in reverse. Squeeze in basketball practices or games and workouts. Get home… Dinner, laundry, online puttering ( FB, IG, Bloglovin, and of course personal blogging). Bed at 11 and do it all over again!

    That’s it…”I’m tired boss..DOG tired” (in my BEST Michael Clarke Duncan voice from “The Green Mile”)
    That’s my day in a nutshell…which is WHY I’m nuts!!

    What’s your day like??

    ©2014 Angie

    Family Freaking Fun….

    Let me just say that family vacations are exhausting! I love being able to spend time with my kids. As a working mother, I don’t get to spend as much time as I want/ need to with the kids. Where did you go you ask…?
    We went to…..,,.


    That’s right…the MECCA of all that is family fun! My LORD is this place a mess! Strollers…kids…parents!! Merchandise, food, characters. Parents yelling at their kids about being “ungrateful”, “bratty”, “obnoxious”, parades, wrong people with wrong outfits! My head is spinning!! 3 parks in 4 days…WOW!! I spent a gazillion dollars for all this family fun! Kids loved it…I wanted to drink!!
    You feel validated as a parent when you hear others yelling the SAME things to their kids as you are to yours!

    Some of my highlights…

    A is trying to free the sword from the stone! Look at that face….
    Also, my guys waiting for Pirates of the Caribbean…rocking those dollar store ponchos!!,

    <img src="https://amal7072.files.wordpress.com/2014/01/20140104-202258.jpg" alt="20140104-202258


    This is what I love at WDW..the popcorn…


    This is what happens when you let your KIDS eat some and then they decide to finally “share” it with you….


    This thing right HERE…aka Space Mountain…was RIDICULOUSLY faster than I remember! Of course…I might have been in my teens when I went last….


    I was glad that I was able to get SOME exercise during this va-cay…
    Going to the peaks does include a lot of walking…but then you are eating a ton too! So it all evens out….
    I was able to get 3 miles on 3 different days. It’s not a lot but one of my goals for 2014 is to get to do a 10k. I usually run during the week,either actual mileage or during a CrossFit WOD. But I need to do more! One of the reasons of doing this blog was to also to hold me accountable for these goals. I figured if I wrote it, said it, and now BLOGGED it…I gotta get going and DO it!

    Back to work on Monday, which means kids are back to school and I’m back on my routine! It’s going to be a disaster great!!!
    Wish me luck …..,,