Workout week…in review

I can now MOVE after some crazy WODs this week!


Double unders (DUs) are some serious s**t!! With a jump rope, it’s two jumps in one rotation of the rope. I could write a whole post with pictures about them. I just might do that one day…. #beware
These MF’ers cause some serious soreness of your calf muscles and that tiny group of muscles on the front..or YOUR SHINS!!!!.
Oh yeah…TMI ALERT….if you’re a lady…you just might piss yourself! #fun
Because I’m in this “I gotta get this 12 lbs off my body FINALLY” mission, I trying to run more during the week. Well, try mile after DUs…NOT FUN!!!
I couldn’t move the following morning. Two reasons:
1. DUs
2. Old ass shoes

Rest Day.
I originally planned on running but remember…I couldn’t move!!


My FAVORITE CF skill..pull ups! I have a jacked up shoulder from my first competition, but as long as it’s taped..No Problem! ( I’ll show you sometimes!)
But throw that run in there… Oh boy!!

Thursday (ie today)…

Please excuse the error, in that I didn’t push press 85% (like body weight), I did 85#!!! Sorry….
I really enjoyed this WOD!! Nothing hurt by today, so I was good!
And then I got measurements….
I’ll spare you having to listen to that rant again!!’

Not sure what holds for tomorrow. Still need new shoes, so 2-3 miles may be all I can do!
Or maybe a later CF class….
I dunno

Hope your work out week was full of some fun times!
Think I’m going to register for the tri I would like to to in April this weekend.

How were your workouts this week??

©2014 Angie


It’s Tuesday…it’s TUESDAY!!!
I almost forgot that it’s time for WILT!!! My how the week flies, so off we go……

1. NCAA Men’s Basketball


I grew up in a household with a father that LOVED basketball, more specifically college basketball. Growing up, if a game was on, we got the “Not now…the game is on!” comment fairly frequently. You had two jobs….stay, BE QUIET,and watch the game OR leave. That was it…no questions asked. And this, my friends, is where I learned to love the sport of basketball. Mind you, never picked up a ball to play an actual game, but I love it. My sister and I are grateful to our father for MANY reasons and this time of year we appreciate him even more!

Dad and his girls……

2. University of Florida Gators

Yep….that’s me!! I’m a Gator girl and I bleed Orange and Blue!


Why else am I so happy being a Florida Gator, you ask?? (If you aren’t asking…I’m gonna tell you any way!! 😆)

WE ARE NUMBER 1 in the AP Poll !!!!

We have 2 National Championships- 2006 and 2007. Maybe Billy and his Gators will go for #3!!!

It’s GREAT to be a Florida Gator!

3. Shoes
I’ve been really getting into different shoes lately. This is a love that I have picked up from my mother. I dub her “Junior Imelda Marcos” (remember her with the wall to wall closet of shoes???) because she literally has a shoe in every color and probably for every occasion. Before I became a PA, I was an Athletic Trainer (you know…they guy or gal that runs out on the field when the player gets hurt??? That was me!!) at a high school in Miami. My “uniform” was shirts and sneakers,,which I adored! I, like my mother, had a sneaker in every color!
It wasn’t until I changed my profession that I started thinking out of the traditional “black and brown” shoe box. I started to find spunky shoes that I could jazz up an outfit with for work. I mean I wear a white coat ALL day…how boring is that??? My mother would be so proud…..

What do you think about THESE babies??? I found these at Payless for……$19.99!!!! Woo Hoooo!!!

4. Honey Crisp Apples
Have any of you TRIED these??? Wow!!! Perfect mixture of sweet and tart apple. I’m am usually a Granny Smith Apple kinda of girl, occasionally dallying in the world of Gala and Fuji’s too. But man, when I accidentally picked this apple up (I thought it was something else!)….I have NOT turned back! I’m not sure if they have a season, per se, but when I get them…I get ALOT of them! They can be rather costly…ie bought one at Wally World today and it was $1.67 for ONE!!!!

(Used the BIG picture to,show you the size of my love!!!)

Another WILT has come to an end,sadly!!
See you next Tuesday!!!

Why, oh WHY Lord, did you invent…..

…THE SCALE??? It’s just a cruel joke to most of us…most of is women that is! I can’t believe I fell into the trap of WEIGHING myself this morning. I always counsel my patients NOT to be a victim of the scale and to NOT get discouraged. “Teacher…teach thy SELF!!. I wanted to see a “number” change since I’ve been actively keeping track of my food. Epic FAIL NO GO!!

Let’s chat about what I’ve been doing….

1. I have been tracking what I have been eating the past 2 weeks. I’ve been using the app myfitnesspal to track my eating. I am more accountable when I commit to writing it down then keeping it in “my head”. I think I’m doing well until I actually write it down.

This app allows you to write down items, whether in their food bank already….

Or whether you scan it in (see the bar code picture in the lower right corner) and then add it to your list.

You can add breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Maybe I haven’t been honest enough…! You know thoae little snacks that you think are negligible?? They start to add up….
Maybe one thing I’m doing wrong….

You can also add your exercise – either strength training or cardiovascular work.
Water..water…water!! I do like keeping track of that!

The only thing I don’t like is that I don’t have a fitness “tracker” to calculate burning calories in a WOD. So unless I have performed in a true cardiovascular way, I really can’t track my exercise for the day. Hmmm…maybe I need to invest in one of those Nike + Fuelbands to track that stuff!! Hmmmm….maybe someone at Nike will see this post and send me one to try out!!!!

2. Exercise

As you may know, I’ve been doing CrossFit usually 3-4 times per week. I used to run ALOT more. But keeping track has allowed me to see that I’m not doing near as much cardio as I did before. When I started CF about 4 years ago, I was a “runner”…running 2-3 miles 4-5 days per week and usually a 5k race on the weekends. I got the bug for CF and my running really suffered. I’m on this uphill climb (no pun intended….wait…yes it is!! If I’d run my ass uphill…I wouldn’t BE in this predicament!!!) trying to get back to my center..which is running.

I have ALWAYS responded to this kind of self assessments. When I see that I’m not doing what I have set out to do…it make me work HARDER! Everyone always needs a kick in the pants sometimes. It’s not the scale, but the fact that I am not doing what I thought I was!!


My plan?? Incorporate my daily runs back…even if I can only get a mile in…DO IT!. 42 is not gonna come and me not be in the BEST shape possible for me!

Do you keep track of your daily intake and exercise??
How do you keep yourself “honest”??

Points To Ponder (PTP): Mac Arthur Park

Totally random post…no exercise, no food, no favorites. This is probably where I display my smart ass-ness here on 3M (Miles, Mom, and Mishaps, in case you forgot). Sometimes I see things or hear things and feel the need to say something. So…why not on the blog??

I’m in the car ( by myself..which NEVER happens…and probably where this post was born) and on the radio in hear ” Mac Arthur Park” by Donna Summer. I was a young child in the 70s (born on ’72) but by the age of 8, I LOVED her!!! But you really don’t understand the lyrics of songs you like at 8 like you do at 41. Here is a piece of the lyrics…..

MacArthur’s Park is melting in the dark
All the sweet, green icing flowing down
Someone left the cake out in the rain
I don’t think that I can take it
’cause it took so long to bake it
And I’ll never have that recipe again
Oh, nooooo

Ok…I’ll retract that statement! I really don’t know WHAT the eff she’s talking about!

Here are my Points to Ponder (PTP):

1. Why is the park melting???
This, I’m sure, is symbolic for something I don’t understand NOW and sure as hell didn’t understand THEN!!! Wish I could get some kind of explanation….

2. Why is the cake in the rain?
In God’s name, how could ANYONE leave something as scrumptious as CAKE in the rain??? What’s wrong with people!!!????

3. Why did it take so long to bake?
She couldn’t take “it” (the cake being in the rain) because the cake took so long to make! Well, damn…I’d be pissed too if someone left the cake I made out in the rain for it to get RUINED!!!
And why did it take so long to make??? Slow stove? Did she eff up the recipe and had to start over again? Maybe she forgot to make a list and got all wrong items…

4. Where did the recipe go?
She claims she can’t make it again because she’ll never the recipe. Where did it go? Was it part of the eff up as to why it took so long to make and bake (as above). Did she do it all by memory and now she’s forgotten because the original got left out and RUINED??

Again….I am probably missing the big picture of this song…the subliminal messages and all that crap. But these are things I think of when I’m by myself. #dangerous

Fit Friday Run #2

Super happy because I got my run in today. I think I’m gonna make this a regular thing with my friend, Leslie….a Fit Friday run. We run before we have to get our kiddos from after care at school.

This was the view of the lake that we ran around. Of course this shot was LAST week because I didn’t want to show you the dreary weather of THIS week. Still a stunning view!! I liked being able to get this run in before the rest of my day continues, ie..”mom duty”. I would have gone a little further but “No Plan Angie” is still running in the same shoes that need to be replaced. Shins were starting to ache, so I did the 3 miles and stopped.

Leslie and I…she looks THRILLED to be with me, doesn’t she?? Our Fit Friday pose.. #FF
I haven’t had an adult running bud in a while, since my friend was sidelined with plantar fasciitis last year. She has pretty much given up running…so I have been running solo. But Leslie and I agreed to run on Fridays to keep each other company and motivated. (I some where along the line got off track with running but I’m back on it). We may not be the fastest runners, but we are lapping everyone on the couch, right??

J and I will have a run on Sunday, and hopefully I’ll have new shoes, too!👍
How lucky am I, with TWO people to run with!!!
Hope you have a great weekend!!

What are your exercise plans this weekend?

No Plan Ang…..


….that’s my NEW name!!

For the past 5 years or so, I have run the Gasparilla 5k in Tampa, Florida. I’ve been excited about this run but this year waited to late to register. Not that I can’t register online or in person, but waited to late in that I have a scheduling conflict that day! BOO!! 👎👎👎

My own fault…No one to blame on this one but me!! I’m kinda bummed. This run takes you along a beautiful part of Tampa bay and there are literally a GAZILLION folks that do the 5k. Last year, if I remember, over 9,000 participants just in the 5k. This isn’t exactly a race that I do to better my time, but it’s so fun being out there and ALL the people you see and hear cheering you on! I don’t usually have a partner to run with, so it’s nice to feel like someone is cheering for and with me!!

The race series also hosts a half marathon, a 15k, and a 8k. I had aspirations for the 8k, but again, piss poor planning on my part! It’s kinda my thing to do that, you know….NOT planning ahead!! Working on THAT this year!!!!

My poor planning gets me down. (It can’t be THAT hard, Angie!). When I get down because of something like this, I start searching for and “planning” a new race. Sounds stupid considering I don’t plan that way normally, but something about finding a new race gives me the charge that I need and gets my ASS in gear. If I was normal, I wouldn’t be on this ride at all.

My plan for today….run before picking up J and A. Then tomorrow morning to compensate for NOT doing a race this weekend, go for a longer run. Longer meaning a smudge over 4 miles. (I’m no rock star when it comes to running, folks!!)
AND….get my ass back on my bike! I need to get a Tri on the calendar! I’m shooting for April!!!

Have a great weekend!!!

What’s your activities this weekend??
Are you a planner or do you just “wing it” when it comes to races?

©2014 Angie

EMOMs, T2Bs…oh my!!

Today was a shoulder heavy WOD, which I love because upper body is my stronger than my lower body! I fear anything that sounds or looks like a squat!


Whoa!! Now, 10 minutes doesn’t sound that long does it? I told you that I learned a new found respect for 10 minutes after the competition in January!
So…what is EMOM you ask? It stands for “every minute on the minute”. The WOD starts and we did 1 of each movement…so 1 clean, 1 front squat, 1 push press, 1 back squat and 1 behind the back push press. The idea is to finish the movements before the next minute. Why? You get to rest more the faster you go. And trust me…that minute comes FAST and it’s time to do it again! This is for 10 times…therefore 10 EMOM. But here’s what interesting…apparently we were doing so well, our trainer decided for the last 5 EMOMs (I can use this term freely now because you KNOW it know!), instead of 1 of each, now it’s 2 of each…still before the next minute starts! YIKES!! I still managed to finish about 25 seconds, with a lovely rest!

We were granted a small rest, only to start with a 7 min AMRAP. Again….7 minutes seems like an ETERNITY!!

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I really wonder if I’m going to run out of things I love??


Have you heard of this? It’s a monthly subscription of $10 and in your box, you receive sample sizes of all different types of products. It runs the entire spectrum of beauty products- hair, nails, makeup, lipstick/lipgloss, etc. Some months you’ll get tea, or chocolate, pens, hair clips….it depends on if there is a theme for the month. I don’t know about you but I LOVE samples. The best part is that you get to try something and not break the bank!! If you like it, you can purchase it from Birchbox.

2.Simple Xpressions
Oh my…my love for monograms and personalized things has just grown by leaps and bounds!!! I found this shop’s items on Groop Dealz.
Excuse the UGLY hands!!! #oldlady

These are custom designed pieces of jewelry that you will no doubt love too!!
I bought the stainless steel (NO TARNISH) rings with J’s name, A’s name, and “1-9-99”, which is my wedding date. I LOVE them!!! There is also an shop on Etsy where you can see more of designer Renettia’s work!!

3. Angie’s Boom Chicka Pop
I know…I know! I love it for the obvious but that’s not the ONLY reason! It’s damn good popcorn!

I really think someone needs to come up with a POPCORN diet! I’d be a true follower, travel the world, get on TV and express how wonderful this diet is and works!! (Hey…dreams are FREE!!)

From a nutritional stand ain’t that bad!
I’m not going to lie…I’m at the Race Trac gas station after the gym! I’m HUNGRY and I have a 50 minute drive…so shoot me!!!

4. MonogramAsheville
A friend of mine started her own monogram Etsy shop, so of course I was more than willing to get to ordering!! She is so creative and he vinyls are amazing.

I ordered “L” for Leyva in black and I ordered another for my sister’s last name starting with “V”.
Can’t wait to use it on a pitcher or decanter or something similar to what’s on the picture.

I also ordered…

….the state of Florida in orange with a blue heart over Gainesville. I’m a University of Florida Gator…GO GATORS!! And…the state of Michigan in yellow with a blue heart over Ann Arbor. My sis and BIL are alum of The University of Michigan and the only other school we are allowed to root for in my house. Unless of course, they play each other like in last year’s NCAA basketball tourney, then it’s GAME ON!!!
Go check out her Etsy shop and search for “MonogramAsheville”. You won’t be sorry!!!!

Hope that you liked this week’s WILT! I really have fun sharing this stuff with you all! I’m always on the look out for more things I LOVE!
Til Tuesday again…..❤️

©2014 Angie

Monday, Monday….

Happy President’s Day everyone!! My day started out GREAT because the kids didn’t have school, so I got to sleep in…until 5:30!! Hey….5:30 is awesome if you normally get up at 4. I’ll take any opportunity on a work day to sleep in!

Headed to CrossFit UFPC after work sans kiddos! I’m sorry, but it was nice. Not that they are in my way, but I didn’t have to hear the ceremonial “Mom…can we get a snack??” song and dance. I mean literally they come up to me, after I’m DYING after the WOD, with this question! I didn’t have to hear it today…it was kinda nice!

Today, we did this….

The rest you can’t see….
After the 20 push ups, another 400m run, and then 10 SDLHP* with a 35 pound kettlebell.

How ’bout that???
I enjoyed this WOD, but what I didn’t like is running in these..

My nano 3.0. I haven’t done a WOD with them that included a lot of running. Oh….my shins!!! I won’t be doing any running WODs with them again. I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t use them in this way. I certainly know that I wouldn’t use them FOR running. Still love them for “regular” WODs. Oh well…live and learn!
I’ll use my Brooks PureConnects for WODs similar to this….

SDLHP- Sumo deadlift high pull. Check out Crossfit for more info and demos

Do you have a favorite type of shoe for workouts/running/ CF?

©2014 Angie

New running buddy….

Today was a first because J ran with me today. I ran what he wanted to run. He is participating in the running club at school and they meet three times a week. One of those meetings they have run 2 miles. We did a smidgen over 2, with some walking for him.

He has expressed an interest in running a 5k with me. So…maybe I have a new running partner in the makings!! #woohoo

I need to get more miles in, but remember I was on a mental holiday for some unknown reason and I haven’t bought new shoes yet! Cue Alicia Keys…🎶These shins are on FI-YAH!!!!🎶

There is a 5k this coming Saturday. For those in the Tampa Bay area, it’s GASPARILLA! I’ve done this race every year for about 5 or 6 years. The 5k draws a huge crowd…last year, I believe they had over 9,000 runners. It’s definitely not a race for time but just being out there is fun!! You get to run along beautiful Bayshore Drive and see some nice sites in Tampa. I haven’t registered yet….I might have some scheduling issues because of stuff with kiddos. Fingers crossed,folks…

©2014 Angie