Long Day and LOTS of money!!!

I needed this WOD today because I had to drop a RIDICULOUS amount of moola fixing my car…1800 to be exact ! I nearly died….

But since I haven’t won the lottery (don’t play!) and didn’t have a rich relative leave me some extra coin (not so much), I needed to have not fixed to GO TO WORK! #adulthood

This was a great way to end the day with a 16 AMRAP* (remember what that means???)

myWOD app ❤️

Any lingo that you don’t recognize?
HR push-ups maybe?

HR push ups = Hand Release push ups.
It’s exactly what it sounds like…at the bottom of the push up and prior to pushing back up, your hands come off the ground. They don’t sound very challenging but don’t believe it!

AMRAP = As Many Reps/ounds As Possible.
So, for 16 minutes the goal was to complete as any rounds as possible. SN: all of those movements above equal 1 round!
I was able to get 10 rounds in the 16 minutes.
Pretty proud of myself considering I was mentally exhausted.

What was your workout like today?

PS..I think I MIGHT have been talked into another CF competition in April. I must be NUTS! Then there’s the triathlon in April too! Should I do both?? AB-so-freaking-lutely! Absolutely…..

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