WILT???? What the HELL is that….?

I’m thinking of the things I love. But I figured why wait until Friday and announce it?? Tuesday seems like a reasonable day and NO ONE ever does something on Tuesdays, right??? I mean we have #MCM (Man Crush Monday), #WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday), #tbt (Throw Back Thursday)….
Is there something on Fridays or Tuesdays that I’m missing? Wait..#FF ( Flex or Fit Friday). Again I ask, what about Tuesday??? I’ve decided to coin my own hashtag phrase and from now on, I shall call MY Tuesday loves WILT(#wilt), as in WHAT I LOVE TUESDAYS…..I like that!!!


1. Chobani Yogurt

This is a serious OMG!!!! It’s Key Lime flavored Greek yogurt on one side and you “flip” the fixings of crushed graham crackers and some mini white chocolate morsels. WOW!!! It tastes just like Key Lime pie…and I’m a Florida girl and we LOVE KLP!!! Its perfect because it’s a small portion AND it satisfies the sweet tooth that I usually get….

  • Nutrition Stats :
    1. 180 calories
      5g fat (total)
      24 g carbohydrates
      11g protein

    Not too bad, except for maybe the carbs…..
    There are other flavors but what I love is Key Lime!!!

    2. U2
    On Super Bowl Sunday, U2, in collaboration with iTunes, offered their new release “Invisible” for FREE. And for every download, Bank of America donated $1 to (RED)’s fight against AIDS. It’s a GREAT song, by a GREAT group, for a GREAT cause….
    By purchasing the song now, you will help fight this disease, as the proceeds go to many AIDS programs worldwide. GO GET IT!


    3. Marley Lilly
    When I say obsessed, I mean OBSESSSED with this company!!! If you dig monogrammed items, this is the site for you!!! Everything you can imagine with a monogram, you can get here!! They have “Flash Sales” every Monday and if you forget, sign up for their text messages as a reminder!!!
    I am currently salivating over Monogrammed Luxe Cross Body Clutch in green!!! Check out all the goodies they have……

    4. Blogs
    I started out in this Blog-a-verse by reading blogs as most do. I fancy myself a “crafty” person, so I started reading craft blogs (THANKS Pinterest!!).

    The very first crafting blog I read was written by the ladies from eighteen25. They are sisters and they are AMAZING!! I wish that I more time to craft like them.
    Another FABULOUS must read blog is from Anne at Wobisobi. I❤️❤️her! She does some great,dummy proof easy fashionable things with clothes. I’m going to meet her one day…I just know it!!! 😀

    Fitness is my other passion….so I found some other blogs that really kept my interest. I felt like I learned SO much from these ladies, that I feel like I know them! I have a lot of favorites but two I will mention today-

    Julie at Peanut Butter Fingers

    Jess at Blonde Ponytail

    I love these ladies!! They are both personal trainers and have many great ideas about working out and how to LIVE a healthy lifestyle. I love that they seem like REAL women, like someone I can relate to, someone that I would probably be friends with in the real world. I am going to continue to share other blogs that I read, but I hope that you will go on over and read and follow their blogs.

    The blogging community always seems to support one another, so this is my part!!! You won’t regret finding ANY of these ladies!!! When you do find them, tell them a LONG time reader and supporter sent you!! 😘

    I hope you like my first edition of WILT. Because I have so many interests, my “loves” seem all over the place. That’s just me….

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