Weekend Fun- Part 1

What a weekend! Whew…I’m tired!!
Drove from work (in Central Florida) to Ft. Lauderdale for a conference. Not exactly something that most want to sign up for, but kinda need to keep my job! Those CME’s* are necessary to keep my license, so it’s a necessary EVIL!
The bright spot?? I got to see and hang out with my girlfriend from PA school. Life gets in the way and since it does, this a great way for is to catch up. Good because misery loves company…..

The second part of my weekend involved meeting my hubby, M, in Sarasota; specifically St. Armand’s Circle. This place is phenomenal!! It’s a mixture of history, fashion,island life, and great food. It is necessary for anyone visiting the Sarasota area to get over there.

Our first dinner was at Columbia Resturant. The original restaurant opened in 1905 by a Cuban immigrant, Casimiro Hernandez Sr. It is dubbed “Florida’s Oldest Restaurant”. The original location was founded in Ybor City right outside of Tampa, FL. (That’s pronounced “EEEE-bor” for those that haven’t seen THIS word before!!)

Our Appetizer:
Tapas style which included Croquetas de Langosta (Lobster croquettes), Scallops “Cosimiro”, and Pollo al Ajillo (Chicken sautéed with garlic, OO*, Spanish peppers). That trifecta gets a HUGE OMG!!

We were with some friends, so we had some different Entrees:
M and his buddy had Paella “A la Valenciana”. The Columbia’s version of traditional paella consists of rice, chicken, clams, mussels, shrimp, scallops, calamari, and pork. It’s cooked in a large paella pan with EVOO*, garlic,onions, peppers, and some vino.


I had Filet Mignon served with long sliced potatoes. Not the traditional Spanish fare but I was wanting a steak!

Since our friends are living in Texas now, both wanted some type of seafood. She had Snapper “Alicante”, baked snapper with onions, green peppers, OO, garlic, wine and topped with sliced almonds. Wow!!!

Dinner was accompanied with a great wine….

A blend of Malbec and Tempranillo grapes…a definite must!

Dessert, you ask??
We shared-
Basically a custard with caramel.

Churros “Tres Amigos
Fried pastry with cinnamon sugar accompanied with TRES (three in Español) sauces- chocolate, caramel, and guava
Crema Catalana
Their version of creme brûlée.

Sorry my pictures are lacking in this post, as I was stuffing my face so much I didn’t make time!!!

CME- Continuing Medical Education
Usually any licensed or certified professionals need to do these to keep up to date with changes in their profession. Boring but necessary ….

Extra Virgin Olive Oil/ Olive Oil
The staple of most recipes!!

Are you hungry??
Tomorrow…I’ll tell you about our dinner on our final evening.

Do you like Spanish food?
What’s your favorite appetizer/entree, or dessert?

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