I didn’t think the day would EVER come! Friday….a working woman’s dream word because no work for two days! Friday…a mother’s scary word because you have to do work for two more days!!

I decided to have a “quickie” before picking up the boys. And by quickie, I mean I squeezed in a run. #dirtyminds #thinkALIKE
It was a quickie because it was only 2.5 miles.

My view was PERFECT and I would have like to have gone further but I couldn’t :
A. I had to get J and A at a decent time from after care at school. It’s bad enough they are there until 5 pm EVERY DAY!!
B. My calves and shins weren’t happy yesterday. I need new running shoes and because I have taken an, unbeknownst to me, mental holiday lately…I forgot! Guess I’ll remember now….

Rest tomorrow and then run on Sunday. J is in his running club at school and already up to 2 miles. But what makes me OVER THE MOON is that he wants to run a 5k and has expressed an interest to do it drumroll PUH-LEEZE….with MOI!! 👊😃👍

Enjoy your weekend!!!

©2014 Angie

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