Monday, Monday….

Happy President’s Day everyone!! My day started out GREAT because the kids didn’t have school, so I got to sleep in…until 5:30!! Hey….5:30 is awesome if you normally get up at 4. I’ll take any opportunity on a work day to sleep in!

Headed to CrossFit UFPC after work sans kiddos! I’m sorry, but it was nice. Not that they are in my way, but I didn’t have to hear the ceremonial “Mom…can we get a snack??” song and dance. I mean literally they come up to me, after I’m DYING after the WOD, with this question! I didn’t have to hear it today…it was kinda nice!

Today, we did this….

The rest you can’t see….
After the 20 push ups, another 400m run, and then 10 SDLHP* with a 35 pound kettlebell.

How ’bout that???
I enjoyed this WOD, but what I didn’t like is running in these..

My nano 3.0. I haven’t done a WOD with them that included a lot of running. Oh….my shins!!! I won’t be doing any running WODs with them again. I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t use them in this way. I certainly know that I wouldn’t use them FOR running. Still love them for “regular” WODs. Oh well…live and learn!
I’ll use my Brooks PureConnects for WODs similar to this….

SDLHP- Sumo deadlift high pull. Check out Crossfit for more info and demos

Do you have a favorite type of shoe for workouts/running/ CF?

©2014 Angie

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