I really wonder if I’m going to run out of things I love??


Have you heard of this? It’s a monthly subscription of $10 and in your box, you receive sample sizes of all different types of products. It runs the entire spectrum of beauty products- hair, nails, makeup, lipstick/lipgloss, etc. Some months you’ll get tea, or chocolate, pens, hair clips….it depends on if there is a theme for the month. I don’t know about you but I LOVE samples. The best part is that you get to try something and not break the bank!! If you like it, you can purchase it from Birchbox.

2.Simple Xpressions
Oh my…my love for monograms and personalized things has just grown by leaps and bounds!!! I found this shop’s items on Groop Dealz.
Excuse the UGLY hands!!! #oldlady

These are custom designed pieces of jewelry that you will no doubt love too!!
I bought the stainless steel (NO TARNISH) rings with J’s name, A’s name, and “1-9-99”, which is my wedding date. I LOVE them!!! There is also an shop on Etsy where you can see more of designer Renettia’s work!!

3. Angie’s Boom Chicka Pop
I know…I know! I love it for the obvious but that’s not the ONLY reason! It’s damn good popcorn!

I really think someone needs to come up with a POPCORN diet! I’d be a true follower, travel the world, get on TV and express how wonderful this diet is and works!! (Hey…dreams are FREE!!)

From a nutritional stand point..it ain’t that bad!
I’m not going to lie…I’m at the Race Trac gas station after the gym! I’m HUNGRY and I have a 50 minute drive…so shoot me!!!

4. MonogramAsheville
A friend of mine started her own monogram Etsy shop, so of course I was more than willing to get to ordering!! She is so creative and he vinyls are amazing.

I ordered “L” for Leyva in black and I ordered another for my sister’s last name starting with “V”.
Can’t wait to use it on a pitcher or decanter or something similar to what’s on the picture.

I also ordered…

….the state of Florida in orange with a blue heart over Gainesville. I’m a University of Florida Gator…GO GATORS!! And…the state of Michigan in yellow with a blue heart over Ann Arbor. My sis and BIL are alum of The University of Michigan and the only other school we are allowed to root for in my house. Unless of course, they play each other like in last year’s NCAA basketball tourney, then it’s GAME ON!!!
Go check out her Etsy shop and search for “MonogramAsheville”. You won’t be sorry!!!!

Hope that you liked this week’s WILT! I really have fun sharing this stuff with you all! I’m always on the look out for more things I LOVE!
Til Tuesday again…..❤️

©2014 Angie

2 thoughts on “WILT #3

  1. Rainy Writer says:

    Popcorn … mmmmmmm

    My wife and I are popcorn lovers too. (We make it in a wok … no shaking needed as the curved bowl does the work for you!)


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