EMOMs, T2Bs…oh my!!

Today was a shoulder heavy WOD, which I love because upper body is my stronger than my lower body! I fear anything that sounds or looks like a squat!


Whoa!! Now, 10 minutes doesn’t sound that long does it? I told you that I learned a new found respect for 10 minutes after the competition in January!
So…what is EMOM you ask? It stands for “every minute on the minute”. The WOD starts and we did 1 of each movement…so 1 clean, 1 front squat, 1 push press, 1 back squat and 1 behind the back push press. The idea is to finish the movements before the next minute. Why? You get to rest more the faster you go. And trust me…that minute comes FAST and it’s time to do it again! This is for 10 times…therefore 10 EMOM. But here’s what interesting…apparently we were doing so well, our trainer decided for the last 5 EMOMs (I can use this term freely now because you KNOW it know!), instead of 1 of each, now it’s 2 of each…still before the next minute starts! YIKES!! I still managed to finish about 25 seconds, with a lovely rest!

We were granted a small rest, only to start with a 7 min AMRAP. Again….7 minutes seems like an ETERNITY!!

3 clean and jerk @ 65#
3 T2B

After each round, add 3 more reps of each. So..3-6-9-12, and so on. I got to 15 of clean and jerks and only 6 of the T2B.
Huh??? T2B??? That’s toes to bar…you are hanging on the pull up and you try your hardest to get those tootsies to the bar! Challenging…yes? Great core work, though.

Shoulder was taped up so no pain before or after this WOD, which is always nice!

Trying to decide what to do on Friday. Shall I run like last week or go to CF?? #firstworldproblems We shall see what the day holds tomorrow…

©2014 Angie

4 thoughts on “EMOMs, T2Bs…oh my!!

  1. Rainy Writer says:

    Yow! Some of those … no wait … ALL of those sound hard.

    That EMOM thing sounds like a version of Tabata …but T2B just sounds evil. (May I ask what AMRAP is?)

    At any rate … whew!


    • amal7072 says:

      It was just PURE evil,trust me!!! But like anything in CrossFit, I always go,back for more, so I must be INSANE!!! LOL
      EMOM is some what similar to a Tabata but the faster you move the MORE rest you get, unlike with the Tabata which is just the ten second rest!!

      AMRAP= As Many Rounds/Reps As Possible
      Yesterday’s AMRAP was a little different in how they calculated the rounds. I don’t know WHY they want us to calculate after working out….blood is barely going to my brain and NOW you want me to add????
      But normally, you just count the rounds that you do of whatever skill in the designed time.

      Hope I didn’t confuse you!! Thanks for reading!!! I’m enjoying getting to “know” you on your blog!!!


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