No Plan Ang…..


….that’s my NEW name!!

For the past 5 years or so, I have run the Gasparilla 5k in Tampa, Florida. I’ve been excited about this run but this year waited to late to register. Not that I can’t register online or in person, but waited to late in that I have a scheduling conflict that day! BOO!! 👎👎👎

My own fault…No one to blame on this one but me!! I’m kinda bummed. This run takes you along a beautiful part of Tampa bay and there are literally a GAZILLION folks that do the 5k. Last year, if I remember, over 9,000 participants just in the 5k. This isn’t exactly a race that I do to better my time, but it’s so fun being out there and ALL the people you see and hear cheering you on! I don’t usually have a partner to run with, so it’s nice to feel like someone is cheering for and with me!!

The race series also hosts a half marathon, a 15k, and a 8k. I had aspirations for the 8k, but again, piss poor planning on my part! It’s kinda my thing to do that, you know….NOT planning ahead!! Working on THAT this year!!!!

My poor planning gets me down. (It can’t be THAT hard, Angie!). When I get down because of something like this, I start searching for and “planning” a new race. Sounds stupid considering I don’t plan that way normally, but something about finding a new race gives me the charge that I need and gets my ASS in gear. If I was normal, I wouldn’t be on this ride at all.

My plan for today….run before picking up J and A. Then tomorrow morning to compensate for NOT doing a race this weekend, go for a longer run. Longer meaning a smudge over 4 miles. (I’m no rock star when it comes to running, folks!!)
AND….get my ass back on my bike! I need to get a Tri on the calendar! I’m shooting for April!!!

Have a great weekend!!!

What’s your activities this weekend??
Are you a planner or do you just “wing it” when it comes to races?

©2014 Angie

2 thoughts on “No Plan Ang…..

  1. Rainy Writer says:

    Wait … isn’t the son running with you now? BLAME HIM!!!!

    Ok … just kidding 🙂 … but I do hope you find another run do to … or that Tri. (I’d say if you do it, then I will too … but then … what if you find one this weekend, sign up … then I would HAVE to do it.)

    I think this weekend my wife and I are going on a group bike ride … not sure yet. If not that, then a short run and perhaps a swim.


    • amal7072 says:

      Hahaha! I wish I COULD blame someone else…but…cue Michael Jackson music..”I’m starting with the man (oops..woman) in the mirror…”
      It’s all me!! Mother of the year over here would LOVE to blame the 12 year old….!


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