Fit Friday Run #2

Super happy because I got my run in today. I think I’m gonna make this a regular thing with my friend, Leslie….a Fit Friday run. We run before we have to get our kiddos from after care at school.

This was the view of the lake that we ran around. Of course this shot was LAST week because I didn’t want to show you the dreary weather of THIS week. Still a stunning view!! I liked being able to get this run in before the rest of my day continues, ie..”mom duty”. I would have gone a little further but “No Plan Angie” is still running in the same shoes that need to be replaced. Shins were starting to ache, so I did the 3 miles and stopped.

Leslie and I…she looks THRILLED to be with me, doesn’t she?? Our Fit Friday pose.. #FF
I haven’t had an adult running bud in a while, since my friend was sidelined with plantar fasciitis last year. She has pretty much given up running…so I have been running solo. But Leslie and I agreed to run on Fridays to keep each other company and motivated. (I some where along the line got off track with running but I’m back on it). We may not be the fastest runners, but we are lapping everyone on the couch, right??

J and I will have a run on Sunday, and hopefully I’ll have new shoes, too!đź‘Ť
How lucky am I, with TWO people to run with!!!
Hope you have a great weekend!!

What are your exercise plans this weekend?

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