Workout week…in review

I can now MOVE after some crazy WODs this week!


Double unders (DUs) are some serious s**t!! With a jump rope, it’s two jumps in one rotation of the rope. I could write a whole post with pictures about them. I just might do that one day…. #beware
These MF’ers cause some serious soreness of your calf muscles and that tiny group of muscles on the front..or YOUR SHINS!!!!.
Oh yeah…TMI ALERT….if you’re a lady…you just might piss yourself! #fun
Because I’m in this “I gotta get this 12 lbs off my body FINALLY” mission, I trying to run more during the week. Well, try mile after DUs…NOT FUN!!!
I couldn’t move the following morning. Two reasons:
1. DUs
2. Old ass shoes

Rest Day.
I originally planned on running but remember…I couldn’t move!!


My FAVORITE CF skill..pull ups! I have a jacked up shoulder from my first competition, but as long as it’s taped..No Problem! ( I’ll show you sometimes!)
But throw that run in there… Oh boy!!

Thursday (ie today)…

Please excuse the error, in that I didn’t push press 85% (like body weight), I did 85#!!! Sorry….
I really enjoyed this WOD!! Nothing hurt by today, so I was good!
And then I got measurements….
I’ll spare you having to listen to that rant again!!’

Not sure what holds for tomorrow. Still need new shoes, so 2-3 miles may be all I can do!
Or maybe a later CF class….
I dunno

Hope your work out week was full of some fun times!
Think I’m going to register for the tri I would like to to in April this weekend.

How were your workouts this week??

©2014 Angie

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