I didn’t think the day would EVER come! Friday….a working woman’s dream word because no work for two days! Friday…a mother’s scary word because you have to do work for two more days!!

I decided to have a “quickie” before picking up the boys. And by quickie, I mean I squeezed in a run. #dirtyminds #thinkALIKE
It was a quickie because it was only 2.5 miles.

My view was PERFECT and I would have like to have gone further but I couldn’t :
A. I had to get J and A at a decent time from after care at school. It’s bad enough they are there until 5 pm EVERY DAY!!
B. My calves and shins weren’t happy yesterday. I need new running shoes and because I have taken an, unbeknownst to me, mental holiday lately…I forgot! Guess I’ll remember now….

Rest tomorrow and then run on Sunday. J is in his running club at school and already up to 2 miles. But what makes me OVER THE MOON is that he wants to run a 5k and has expressed an interest to do it drumroll PUH-LEEZE….with MOI!! 👊😃👍

Enjoy your weekend!!!

©2014 Angie

Ask and you shall receive

….and Lordy did I ever! I asked about wondering what Thursday would bring me?? Well it brought me…..

Plus a Tabata* abdominal WOD as a post WOD. And then don’t forget my Ab challenge that I’m doing as well….

(On Day 11)

I needed this it after seeing a BAZILLION patients that day!

*What’s a Tabata, you ask? Do as many reps of a given exercise in 20 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds. Repeat that cycle for a total of 8 times.
Tabata is great for abdominal workouts, by the way, but it can be used for ANY exercise. Try it out sometime!

©2014 Angie

Hump Day!!!

Today means “my favorite day of the week”….Hump Day!!! (Minus the annoying camel running around the office asking “what’s today??”). I love Wednesdays because it’s all down hill from here!!
A long day work deserves a really good workout?!!

I shall dub his “Hump Day WOD”
I’m exhausted, even while writing this…I’m dozing! So, I’m out…

Let’s see what Thursday holds for me….

©2014 Angie

Post absence WOD….

Yesterday’s WOD was like a smack in the KISSER! I usually don’t go out of town without a run or some type of WOD ( with no equipment needed!). But this time…I got nothing!

So….what better way to realize this horrible mistake, than to go get your ass served to you on a platter at CrossFit UFPC???

The part that wasn’t included in the shot….


I thought I DIED!! I never go anywhere without some sort of workout plan. I honestly don’t know what happened! But I can tell you…won’t happen again!

Day 8 of Ab Challenge was my post WOD…..

Core is my weakness and my friends keep pushing me! #hateABs

Do you workout when out of town?
Do you stick to it?

©2014 Angie


It’s Tuesday…it’s Tuesday!!!! So I have another What I Love Tuesday (affectionately referred to by me as WILT). I tried to diversify my list, so I didn’t just look like all my LOVES are food. I mean they are…..but I want to present well to all of you! 😉

Here we go….

1. Brookside Dark Chocolate Açai

These little slices of heaven are great for that afternoon sweet tooth (PUH-LEEZE tell me you get this too!!!!). The dark chocolate covers a fruit flavored center of açai and blueberry. I first tried these at Costco about a year ago and didn’t think about them,again until recently (most likely due to “MOM-NESIA”)

Not too bad on the nutritional side, either! For a serving size of 16 pieces, it’s 170 calories, 8g of fat (total), 28g of carbs (YIKES!!), 1g of fiber, 1g of protein. I don’t eat them all the time just because of the carb count, but they are still so yummy!!! And the best part??? My boys, J and A, don’t really like them, so they are ALL MINE!!!

2. Ross

What can I say??? I find everything here! This is nothing new to anyone, but I just had to include it in my list because I was just there this weekend!

The dangerous part is that they built one literally right around the corner from my house. It happens to be on my running route (“Hey honey??? I’m going out for my run………”). Why not get some exercise,shop, then drive back with my car to pick it up? You see I’ve thought this through….
I don’t have photos of what I bought, but I found two shirts to wear over leggings (ie weekend wear), a dress, and a clutch. When I wear them, I’ll snap a shot.

3. Smith’s Rosebud Salve

This salve (SAAAA-ve) still comes in the original tin but I found it in a tube, which makes me even happier. I swear by this stuff! I use it on my lips, cuticles, hands and feet. So now that I have it in just the tube, I just use it on my lips.
You can find it at Sephora.

4. Bliss
Again, another find about 5 years ago, I’ve been faithful to using their Lemon and Sage body rinse. They also have a skin care line, which I decided to branch out and try.

(Sorry for the crummy picture)
GREAT product!!! It’s doesn’t leave your face feeling dry or oily…you feel refreshed and clean! I have the classic “combination” skin and I find it difficult to be happy with a product. So much so, that it just went to soap and water to wash my face. This can be found at Sephora or Bliss.

5. Tommy Bahama
I love the clothes, I love the products, and NOW….I LOVE the restaurant! I didn’t know one existed until last weekend, when I was with M in Sarasota. It’s located at St. Armand’s circle; what a island feel it gives you! The decor, the mood, music and food all make you feel like you are in a permanent va-cay!!! Highly recommend Tommy Bahama if you are in the Sarasota area.

What do you think about WILT?

Do I need more (or less) topics?
More diverse list?

©2014 Angie

Weekend Fun- Part 1

What a weekend! Whew…I’m tired!!
Drove from work (in Central Florida) to Ft. Lauderdale for a conference. Not exactly something that most want to sign up for, but kinda need to keep my job! Those CME’s* are necessary to keep my license, so it’s a necessary EVIL!
The bright spot?? I got to see and hang out with my girlfriend from PA school. Life gets in the way and since it does, this a great way for is to catch up. Good because misery loves company…..

The second part of my weekend involved meeting my hubby, M, in Sarasota; specifically St. Armand’s Circle. This place is phenomenal!! It’s a mixture of history, fashion,island life, and great food. It is necessary for anyone visiting the Sarasota area to get over there.

Our first dinner was at Columbia Resturant. The original restaurant opened in 1905 by a Cuban immigrant, Casimiro Hernandez Sr. It is dubbed “Florida’s Oldest Restaurant”. The original location was founded in Ybor City right outside of Tampa, FL. (That’s pronounced “EEEE-bor” for those that haven’t seen THIS word before!!)

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Clothes shopping is for the BIRDS!!

Trying on clothes always sends me into a panic! As much as I love to shop…ugh!

Is this gonna fit??

Does this make me look fat?

I’m too short/old/ANYTHING to wear this!!!!

Killing some time between sessions at my conference always squashes the BOREDOM of conferences! But my body is changing… some for the good and some not, I must say.

Adding fuel to the fire, it doesn’t help that I HAVEN’T worked out (run OR CrossFit) since Monday. What is THAT??? I’m off track…
Tomorrow is another day and I will focus on that fact…

Have a great day! It’s GORGEOUS in South Florida!

Do you hate shopping and trying on clothes???

©2014 Angie


My CrossFit UFPC ladies…..

Every now and then these lovely ladies and I pick a challenge for a month. This month we decided on…

These monthly challenges don’t require any equipment and really easy to incorporate into your workout routine. I love finding these and most of them I find from It’s a great site to find these challenges…go IMMEDIATELY to check it out!! I’m HOOKED! SN: there is some other info there like nutrition,too!

I’m on Day 2…so far so good! Core strength is my weakness, so these workouts help me out ALOT. Plus, they are bonus add-ons if I travel. I usually run and hope to squeeze in a CF inspired WOD. But if I can’t get those from my coaches, these work out well.

Hope you get a chance to check out Neila Ray’s site.

Excited because I’m traveling tomorrow for a Primary Care conference in Ft. Lauderdale,FL. I get to be amongst my Physician Assistant comrades AND get the bonus of catching up with one of my best girlfriends from PA school at The University of Florida..GO GATORS!!

Not very excited because I miss a workout tomorrow. I plan on running this weekend and continuing my monthly challenge. Back at CrossFit UFPC on Monday!

©2014 Angie

WILT???? What the HELL is that….?

I’m thinking of the things I love. But I figured why wait until Friday and announce it?? Tuesday seems like a reasonable day and NO ONE ever does something on Tuesdays, right??? I mean we have #MCM (Man Crush Monday), #WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday), #tbt (Throw Back Thursday)….
Is there something on Fridays or Tuesdays that I’m missing? Wait..#FF ( Flex or Fit Friday). Again I ask, what about Tuesday??? I’ve decided to coin my own hashtag phrase and from now on, I shall call MY Tuesday loves WILT(#wilt), as in WHAT I LOVE TUESDAYS…..I like that!!!


1. Chobani Yogurt

This is a serious OMG!!!! It’s Key Lime flavored Greek yogurt on one side and you “flip” the fixings of crushed graham crackers and some mini white chocolate morsels. WOW!!! It tastes just like Key Lime pie…and I’m a Florida girl and we LOVE KLP!!! Its perfect because it’s a small portion AND it satisfies the sweet tooth that I usually get….

  • Nutrition Stats :
    1. 180 calories
      5g fat (total)
      24 g carbohydrates
      11g protein

    Not too bad, except for maybe the carbs…..
    There are other flavors but what I love is Key Lime!!!

    2. U2
    On Super Bowl Sunday, U2, in collaboration with iTunes, offered their new release “Invisible” for FREE. And for every download, Bank of America donated $1 to (RED)’s fight against AIDS. It’s a GREAT song, by a GREAT group, for a GREAT cause….
    By purchasing the song now, you will help fight this disease, as the proceeds go to many AIDS programs worldwide. GO GET IT!


    3. Marley Lilly
    When I say obsessed, I mean OBSESSSED with this company!!! If you dig monogrammed items, this is the site for you!!! Everything you can imagine with a monogram, you can get here!! They have “Flash Sales” every Monday and if you forget, sign up for their text messages as a reminder!!!
    I am currently salivating over Monogrammed Luxe Cross Body Clutch in green!!! Check out all the goodies they have……

    4. Blogs
    I started out in this Blog-a-verse by reading blogs as most do. I fancy myself a “crafty” person, so I started reading craft blogs (THANKS Pinterest!!).

    The very first crafting blog I read was written by the ladies from eighteen25. They are sisters and they are AMAZING!! I wish that I more time to craft like them.
    Another FABULOUS must read blog is from Anne at Wobisobi. I❤️❤️her! She does some great,dummy proof easy fashionable things with clothes. I’m going to meet her one day…I just know it!!! 😀

    Fitness is my other passion….so I found some other blogs that really kept my interest. I felt like I learned SO much from these ladies, that I feel like I know them! I have a lot of favorites but two I will mention today-

    Julie at Peanut Butter Fingers

    Jess at Blonde Ponytail

    I love these ladies!! They are both personal trainers and have many great ideas about working out and how to LIVE a healthy lifestyle. I love that they seem like REAL women, like someone I can relate to, someone that I would probably be friends with in the real world. I am going to continue to share other blogs that I read, but I hope that you will go on over and read and follow their blogs.

    The blogging community always seems to support one another, so this is my part!!! You won’t regret finding ANY of these ladies!!! When you do find them, tell them a LONG time reader and supporter sent you!! 😘

    I hope you like my first edition of WILT. Because I have so many interests, my “loves” seem all over the place. That’s just me….

    Long Day and LOTS of money!!!

    I needed this WOD today because I had to drop a RIDICULOUS amount of moola fixing my car…1800 to be exact ! I nearly died….

    But since I haven’t won the lottery (don’t play!) and didn’t have a rich relative leave me some extra coin (not so much), I needed to have not fixed to GO TO WORK! #adulthood

    This was a great way to end the day with a 16 AMRAP* (remember what that means???)

    myWOD app ❤️

    Any lingo that you don’t recognize?
    HR push-ups maybe?

    HR push ups = Hand Release push ups.
    It’s exactly what it sounds like…at the bottom of the push up and prior to pushing back up, your hands come off the ground. They don’t sound very challenging but don’t believe it!

    AMRAP = As Many Reps/ounds As Possible.
    So, for 16 minutes the goal was to complete as any rounds as possible. SN: all of those movements above equal 1 round!
    I was able to get 10 rounds in the 16 minutes.
    Pretty proud of myself considering I was mentally exhausted.

    What was your workout like today?

    PS..I think I MIGHT have been talked into another CF competition in April. I must be NUTS! Then there’s the triathlon in April too! Should I do both?? AB-so-freaking-lutely! Absolutely…..