Ok..let me NOW say that….
The Gators made it to the Final Four by defeating University of Dayton! The Flyers were the Cinderella story this year. But sadly..the glass slipper broke, the carriage turned back to a punkin’, and the ball is OVAH! Good job to The Flyers!


Today was our last day of vacation, as the kids go back to school and I go back to WORK!! No workout today because we just got back and it’s…
MIGUEL’S BIRTHDAY! I’ll spare you the age because I really don’t want you figuring out how old I am! I say 40 something and I’m sticking to it!! Bwahahahaha!

I am fully looking forward to getting back on routine…work and gym time. Ain’t it interesting how we crave our routine?? It’s nice to get away…but it is sure nice to get back home!
(In my BEST Judy Garland voice)..
“There’s NO place like home!”

(A Key Lime Design original with the EXACT coordinates of our house in Valrico, FL)

This is Paleo, right….?

Let me first start by saying…. The Gators made it to the Elite 8 with their win against UCLA!

And now we prepare to take on the “Cinderella” of the tournament University of Dayton Flyers. (Tonight as a matter of fact..because this post is LATE!). Back to our regular programming…..
Hubby and I are on a little get-a-away, sans kiddos, in Orlando. Our first night we ate at a wonderful restaurant, Texas de Brazil.


The place was GORGEOUS!!! If you haven’t been to a “churrascaria”, please put it on your list! It is an all you can eat experience like no other. They have 15-16 different types of meats prepared different and to your liking. The carvers called “gauchos” bring these large skewers to the table and carve the meat for you. Can you say “Paleo HEAVEN”!!!! You have them come as much as you like, all you have to do it use the little cards on your table

Green for YES…keep it coming!!

Red for NO..slow it down brother, I need a breather!

The food doesn’t just include meats. They is a WICKED salad bar with a variety of salad, antipasto, cold salads, sushi and more.

The side items with your dinner include garlic potatoes, Brazilian cheese bread, and sweet fried bananas! Yummmmm…
The vino selection was crazy, and hubby picked an excellent Malbec..

It’s a grape from Argentina and this is my FAVORITE wine! Perfect with all this heavy meat!
(In my BAD infomercial voice)..but WAIT! There’s MORE!!!
Dessert!! We selected from like 8 different selections. Survey says…..

And all I’m gonna say is “Whoa…great selection”

Everything was perfect! Texas de Brazil has many locations, so if you have one in town, go check them out!!



Cindy…that girl!

I’ve probably aged myself but do you remember that song “Sally” by Gucci Crew II? Well, if you grew up in the 305 (ie Miami ) like myself, you knew that song! If you don’t, check it out on You Tube. It’s kinda explicit, so be warned!

I didn’t post yesterday because I was dog a** tired. Why you ask? Because of CINDY…that girl! She is one of CrossFit’s Benchmark Girls. Shall I introduce you???

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Another fine Tuesday…a great Tuesday because I didn’t work! I was a bump on a log ALL DAY! Probably needed it and just didn’t know it!

Onward we go…

1. Charming Charlie
I’ve heard of this place but I didn’t realize how AWESOME this place is! Every girls desire is here…clothes, accessories, shoes, purses, wallets GALORE!! Bonus??? Everything is COLOR COORDINATED! Feel like something blue? They have a section for that. How ’bout mint green? Got it! Maybe you want some yellow? Yeah, they got that too! I thought I died and went to heaven! If you love having everything in one shop and really not interested in paying an arm AND a leg for your clothes??? Immediately…go to Charming Charlie! Consider yourself warned…..


2. Oatmeal

YUMMMMMM! My sister talked me into trying oatmeal again. The last bowl I had, which was about 8 years old, took me 3 hours to eat. So I KNEW this was going to be horrible….but it wasn’t! I fully enjoyed to! Steel oats with blueberries and agave nectar for some sweetness. You get a fruit and nut packet but I didn’t use it because I saw pine nuts! #nomeGUSTA

3. Lazy Days
As I mentioned earlier, today was lazy day!! I honestly don’t remember when I allowed myself to do a whole lot of NOTHING! Man…I did enjoy it but I had a hard struggle with my brain to NOT to do anything.
But…if you get a chance….highly recommend it!!

4. Beer
I took Julian and Aidan to the movies for yet another “kid” movie. They love it and since we don’t get to do a lot together, I wanted to take them. After the initial shock of dropping $50 ( tickets and food)…I saw my saving grace! THEY.SERVE.BEER!!!


Lazy Day…Day 1

Yesterday I was able to go to CF in the morning! I dearly miss working out in the morning! What a sense of accomplishment having it “done” and the rest of the day is yours (or really the rest of the day is at WORK!!).

My shins are ok…but they seem to be shifting, moving anteriorly. WHAT.is.THAT??? And it’s just on one side….
This is so weird! But on with the resting….
Yesterday’s WOD was fun. Since I’m still protecting the shins, I substituted the FUs DUs for a row. I felt like I was “whimping” out but I have to keep my eyes on the prize!


The other part….


Tuesday is rest day but because I am off of work, I figured I would go for a swim this morning. Mother Nature had another idea because she sent a WICKED storm! So…maybe it IS a rest day!! And I am taking FULL advantage of this rest day…I am LAZY today. I’m trying to enjoy it and not feel guilty, but that’s hard!

Do you take off a day and end up not doing a SINGLE THING???

Have a GREAT LAZY day! ❤️


Spring “break”

So you wanna go out for a bike ride,huh? Well, maybe…just MAYBE you should check your tires first! Because they need AIR, fool!! #epicFAIL. Yeah, that wasn’t good that I didn’t check it the night before. Get it together,sister!

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring Break for Julian and Aidan. I took the week off, which I NEVER do, but I thought it would be good for all of us. The boys and I can do something together AND Miguel and I. Hubby travels 2-3 days out of the week for work. Any time we can get a few days away together, we go for it!

My workout plan for this week (which still includes NO running):

Monday: CrossFit</strong
and possibly a bike ride or a swim

Tuesday: CrossFit and bike or swim

Wednesday : Swim and maybe a bike to go swim.

Thursday: Hotel gym

Friday: Hotel gym

Saturday : Hotel gym or rest (I haven’t decided yet)

Sunday: Rest because it’s Miguel’s birthday!

Pray I stick to it! I’m frustrated at the mere idea of “resting”.



Didn’t do ANY form of exercise today. That’s.just.WEIRD! I have to rest because I have Posterior Shin Splints. Same concept of HOW and WHY you normally get them; the only difference is the location. Anterior Shin Splints presents with pain in the front of the lower portion of the leg. This type is more common and what most people are more familiar with when we say “shin splints”. I, on the other hand, have the kind where pain presents on the inside of the lower leg, just above the ankle bone. Either scenario…NO BUENO!! You have to rest, which most people don’t like to do, including ME!! Tell me I CAN’T, and I want to do it MORE. But I have to rest because it is important. Why, you ask? (Pssst… And it ain’t for the obvious reason “because it will get BETTER!!”). It is important because my next 5k will be the first time family will run with me AND it will be Julian’s first 5k! He has been running 3 days a week at his school’s running club. We invested in some new kicks…

Where ever you guys are..you’ll probably see Julian running in these beauties! We went to our local running store Fitniche to help find the right shoes for him. I love that they do a gait analysis and help you select which shoe is the right (no pun intended) fit 😃 .
I was able to find some inserts for my shoes so my shins won’t scream at me any more!!
So my intentions are to get my ass on my bike for some exercise! I’m a little worried because I haven’t BEEN on my bike in quite some time, but NO time like the present! I’m also nervous because Miguel and I will be skipping away for a little husband and wife time and I won’t be able to run. I ALWAYS run on va-cay, so my plan is to use the hotel gym. Pray it works out…..

Hopefully my bike ride tomorrow won’t be TOO horrible!! Pray on that too….


As much as I hate to admit it but I think I am going to have to take a little break from running. My shins seems like they are on a roller coaster ride…somewhere stuck between good and not so good! I find it frustrating that they don’t hurt during activity. The PA in me tells me I need to step back from running for a bit. The pseudo athlete in me says “keep going!”. I’ve been down this road before with my shoulders…that’s right shoulderS!! I didn’t listen to my body and kept going on. Fortunately, it was nothing more than tendonitis on both. But each required NO upper body work for 6-8 weeks.

I can supplement my running, for swimming or biking. I need the endurance while I rest! God’s way of telling me to take a break….but I’m not in love with the idea! But then again, HE didn’t ask us what WE thought any way! Therefore…I leave it in his hands.

Ever had to stop doing something you love because of injury?

🏀Basketball and Sprints

My NCAA Men’s Basketball bracket is filled out!! All the papers are shuffling and computer are on fire with everyone filling these out!! I should go ahead and just tell Warren to go ahead and write the check for the billion bucks. It’ll save the heart break for the others if we just handle it now….

If you’ve been reading my blog you KNOW who I have picked to get to the “Big Dance” aka “Final Four“, to take the whole thing and bring home the trophy…..


That’s right…THE University of Florida!

Who wants some????

I can’t wait!! Upside…first game is tomorrow, March 20th. Downside….it’s at like 4 pm, while I’m still at work! #boo
Thanks God for computers and iPads with Watch ESPN app ready to go! I can keep tabs on the game some how…

Ok..onward! Today’s WOD was a doozie.

BEFORE the 7 min AMRAP, there were TWO…count them TWO 400 meter sprints. Now, I didn’t stutter nor did I mistype. Two 400m SPRINTS!!! This 40 something lady was scared she was going to break a hip or something! I’m still trying to figure out whose idea it was to do these!

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I don’t know why I feel like Tuesday should be Friday??? Maybe because it’s my off day from working out…..

WILT, you ask?? Don’t mind of I do!!

1. Left Hook Energy Drink

I’m not usually a big fan nor promoter of energy drinks but this is good!! I didn’t feel jittery or weird. Not sure what really caught my eye and WHY I felt the need to try it. I wouldn’t make this a part of my daily routine…but I have had a few since I first tried it. THERE…I’ve CONFESSED!! I



This beauty I found after my run a few weeks ago. It’s tastes like Gatorade but it’s frozen, like a summertime Popsicle treat! It replaces electrolyte lost during your runs. Highly recommend trying these!!

I’ve said like a BAZILLION times that I love my alma mater The University of Florida. Well….my Gators entered the NCAA basketball bracket as the number one team (33-3) and number one seed!!!

…and got the cover of Sports Illustrated!! Woo hoo….Go Gators!!!

Enjoying a nice evening of rest and relaxation, so I can get back to the gym tomorrow.
✌️❤️💪 ( Peace, Love, and Muscles)

©2014 Angie