🎶Monday, Monday…….

I woke up NOT so Claritin clear this morning!! Ugh….ALLERGIES! My nose hates this time of year. Here in Florida, or at least THIS part of Florida, oak pollen and orange blossoms are in full effect!! Growing up in Miami, I never encountered this until I moved to this part of the state. My eyes itch, my nose does the “1-2” combo…you know, stuffy on one side, runny on the other!!! I’ve been a PA for 13 years and I STILL don’t get this phenomenon!!!

But as always, allergies don’t get a good girl down. Still plan my CF WOD today (I NEVER look at the WOD when they post it on FB because I know that I will mentally psych myself out of how I will perform!) AND break in those new shoes that I got this weekend!! Hear that shins……!!!

The countdown has begun….my “baby” will be 13 in T-minus 7 days!
As I eluded to before, I don’t feel like I’m old enough for a teenage son!! Sheesh…I’m surprised he’s survived considering I’m his mom!!

(50s day at cotillion. He’s my “Danny Zuko”…please tell me you know who that is!!!)

Hopefully the “faucet” will stop running….! I think my patients are gonna look at my funny, like ” Why don’t you take SOMETHING for that??”. Or my favorite ” Do you know any good doctor PA that you can see for that?”. Knee slapping funny,…..I know!!

What’s your plan for today???

©2014 Angie

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