🎶Monday, Monday…Part Deux

Today was a a doozie! Seems like it wasn’t ever going to end! Fortunately, I always have a workout to look forward to. I NEVER sneak a peek at the WOD when they post it on FB. Some people look at it and decide not to go based on movements that they don’t like. I believe that is called cherry picking . I don’t look because I don’t want to psych myself out before I get there. I’ve always been that way..almost 4 years of doing CF, I never look before it’s time.
Today’s WOD..
br />

I was glad to see that there was some running, as I wanted to break in THESE beauties….

My feet and “fankles” look much better from this view! (Fankles = FAT ankles! Yuck!)
I’m usually a Brooks girl but it was suggested at the running store to Saucony. IN LOVE….! I decided to go back to the “traditional” running shoe. I had the Pure Connect which I did enjoy running in. My only complaint is they wear down fairly quickly ONLY because of my type of feet….I am flat footed and a pronator….


I had a mile in the WOD and elected to get on the “DREADmill” and do another mile.

No me gusta (no “likey” in Spanish) DREADmill. I always feel like a hamster on the spinning wheel. In motion…but ain’t going a damn place! But I pushed on through.

My shins are still recovering from DU hell last week AND running in horribly old shoes…
So I spent my evening….

…with THIS stuff on! Trying my best to NOT get shin splints!!

How was your day?
What exercise(s) did you

©2014 Angie

One thought on “🎶Monday, Monday…Part Deux

  1. RainyWriter says:

    Just say NO to shin splints! (I used to get them REALLY bad when wifey and I used to ceili dance. And since you’re an Irish at heart … ceili dances are irish folk dancing … sort of like square dancing at 5 times the speed! But it gave me shin splints. I started taking calcium supplements and it helped … maybe it would help with shin splints from running too? (I have no idea…but a thought.)


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