Fat Tuesday…”en Français clase??” MARDI GRAS!!

I hope everyone had a great day and is ready for the Mardi Gras version of WILT! (What I Love Tuesday)

1. Emily Ley
If you are a stationery FREAK like me, you will absolutely die for her items. She has cards, notebooks, an assortment of inserts, free printables, and my all time favorites….PLANNERS!! Her Simplified Planner is the hottest item. It’s for people like you ME that need all the time management help that’s available! All that help…in an absolutely ADORABLE package!!

Isn’t she GORGEOUS???!!!
Check her out!

2. My new running shoes!!!!
No Plan Ang FINALLY.got.some.SHOES!! ‘Bout damn time,huh?? I’ve probably already mentioned it but I am a Brooks girl but I am loving….DRUM ROLL PLEASE
…my Saucony sneaks! My shins are thanking me as we speak,post, whatever! And just in time for my 5k this weekend…which I don’t really feel prepared for.

Dig those double under bruises on my leg!! HOT!!

3. Rock My Run
This app is the S**T!! You can pick the genre of music you like and it will select from its library, mixes by internationally known DJs. You log in, pick your style, download your mixes, and RUN! Best part….FREE! You can get a monthly or yearly subscription which allows for unlimited streaming of mixes. (I imagine it’s similar to Pandora regarding how much you can fast forward songs,etc). I’m still figuring it out, so keep you posted on the deal with the moola!


Just a little sneak peek into my AWESOME mix! Helped me on the DREADmill, fo’ sho!!!

4. “Happy” by Pharell Williams
This song absolutely, positively, without a doubt makes me HAPPY! If you saw “Despicable Me 2”, you’ll recognize it! If you’ve seen the “Beats Pill” commercial with the dancing speakers, you’ll remember it! Found out it was nominated for an Oscar, and if you watched it, you know this song! If you don’t remember any of these scenarios, do yourself a favor and go to iTunes and LISTEN! You won’t be sorry and you couldn’t possibly be in a bad mood afterwards.

5. Chips
Every year, I give up chips for Lent. No tortilla, potato, etc. No Cheetos or anything of the like! It’s always hard because they are at work… I don’t buy them for myself at home! Whew…..
Wish me luck…

Well another one bites the dust! I’m finding it less and less difficult to find things I love…! I could have a DAILY LOVE❤️

Hope you got plenty of beads this Mardi Gras. And I hope you don’t have to go to confession before Ash Wednesday Mass to confess HOW you got ’em!!

©2014 Angie

2 thoughts on “WILT #5

  1. RainyWriter says:

    I just saw a youtube video of that Happy song … its a24 hour ongoing video … kinda cool.

    As for chips … chips? what’s this about chips? 😉

    And wayyyyyyy cool shoes with flat laces … the bruises are kinda a war wound thing ..but I hope you don’t keep getting them!


    • amal7072 says:

      Chips are seriously my weakness!!! I could..and probably HAVE..eaten my weights worth in chips!

      The bruises …well…what can I say?? They are my battle scars from CF!! And worth it!!


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