14.1…My Version

Yesterday, I survived 14.1!!! And, yet again….I have FULL respect for 10 minutes. As I found out initially at the competition in January, I will NEVER look at a 10 minute WOD the same!

What is 14.1, you ask? It’s the first in the series of open WODs that qualifies you for the Crossfit Games in July. NOOOOOO…..I’m not trying to qualify for the games, but it sure nice to know where you are with all of those elite athletes. Here’s an idea, I can tell you….NOT CLOSE!!!!
The WOD released weekly, on Thursdays. You can stream it online and watch 2 elite CF athletes go head-to-head during this WOD. If you haven’t watched any of the coverage of the games in the past…do it this year!

14.1 was a pretty good WOD. I am sore from everything, but I survived!!!

10 min AMRAP
30 DUs*
15 G2OH*

Remember…G2OH is “Ground to Overhead which is any method that you can get the bar from the ground to over your head. There are a few options….

Clean and Jerk


I personally prefer the snatch technique. To me, if feels like less energy is required to perform the move than a Clean and Jerk. One swift move and NO time to rest within the move. I would probably rest in the rack* position (clean) when I get tired and then get it over head (jerk).

DUs = Double Unders which is jumping TWO times within one rotation of the jump rope. Difficult to do?? YES! Doable?? YES!!!
I experience some CRAZY shin soreness after these, which results in ice, Meloxicam ( Rx anti-inflammatory) and the use of Rock Tape.
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Finished 4 rounds or a total of 180 reps. Not bad for a (almost) 42 year old, right?

Hope 14.2 isn’t any time soon…..

2 thoughts on “14.1…My Version

  1. RainyWriter says:

    Not bad for a (almost) 42 year old, right?

    … hell, that’s not bad for an almost 24 year old!

    (Where or where is that High-5 emoticon thingy?)


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