When did THIS happen???

It is OFFICIAL!!! I am a mother of a…….TEENAGER!!! When did THIS happen??? When did this little guy…..

…become THIS guy…..?

Today is Julian’s (formerly “J”) 13th birthday. I honestly didn’t feel if I was OLD enough to have a teenager. 😉
It feels just like yesterday he got here and I was a brand new parent trying to figure out WHAT to do with this little baby.
I am scared interested to find out and FIGURE out the teenage psyche, particularly in a boy. The only reference for teens I have is myself…as a teen…which was a MILLION years ago! Should be an interesting bumpy ride! Prayers, people….PRAYERS!

My teen (AHHHHHHH…..I said it!!!) decided he wanted to celebrate his day with his family out to dinner!! It’s that WONDERFUL?? Hope it stays like this FOREVER!! I hope he enjoyed his day as much as I did. My baby is ALL GROWN UP!

Anyone else a parent of a teen? Gimme the goods!!!

PS… Since I disclosed Julian’s name…why NOT everyone’s…?
“M” is for Miguel
“A” is for Aiden Aidan
How ’bout that?!?!

©2014 Angie

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