No more true words have been uttered than “THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY!!! What a week…

Ushered a 13yr old into my life (still NOT used to it!!)

Went back to Book Club after a 2 month hiatus (didn’t read the book this month because I bought it late. But the night out was WELL deserved)

Got 3…count them THREE runs in this week! (This is a goal I am trying my damnedest to keep).

3 CF WODs with the possibility of a 4th before the weekend ends-





And last but not least, Friday (ie today’s):


If I don’t get to CF, I plan a run any way….

…because the shins are newly “Rock Tape‘d up and ready to go!

Happy Friday!!

©2014 Angie

3 thoughts on “TGIF

  1. RainyWriter says:

    That is a WOW buncha exercise!

    By the way, my wife does the tape thing too … for her Achilles though. And the brand she buys is KT Tape … but I suspect it does similar things. Yours looks cooler though.


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