🍀Erin Go Braugh🍀

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!! I LOVE this holiday…it’s similar to Christmas for me! I didn’t plan ahead this year, as in years past, with decorating the house, crafts for the Julian and Aidan’s class, baking a new treat…
Wait…I did bake a new treat this year!

I made Bailey’s Chocolate cake with Cream Cheese frosting. They were YUMMY!!! Cake pops weren’t as hard as I thought they would be….
Maybe these can be on the regular baking rotation.

We had some WICKED storms this afternoon/evening, so I skipped the gym (because the drive home was gonna be crazy!) and opted for the DREADmill!! Oh, DREADmill, oh DREADmill..how I LOATHE thee! I am constantly trying to figure out ways to make this bearable. This evening I had “Girls” on the HBOGo app on the iPad AND listening to a mix from “Rock My Run” on my iPhone. #firstworldproblems. This was ok and I think I might have found the right combo to weather the storm.

Maybe I’ll be able to stomach more than 2 miles next time!! I’m staring at the wall…in the garage! It doesn’t get any worse that this…
SN: If you haven’t watched “Girls” on HBO, you must!!! (might make my list this week…. Hmm)

So a little Shamrock Run for me and then onto my normal stuff. I WISH I could say that I was able to hang out on MY holiday!! Sadly…I’m home, in my green shirt and my Shamrock socks

Not out enjoying my green beer (although I had it at home)..eating some good Irish food and amongst the folks that love this day! That’s the part that sucks when the holiday falls during the week. We would usually celebrate on the weekend but Miguel was out of town…
BUT…the kids love the holiday too, so being with them made up for it, tenfold!

My “shy” leprechaun, Julian. He DISLIKES smiling in pics (because of his braces), so this is his attempt to look excited.

My “mischievous” leprechaun, Aidan. He will do ANYTHING to have his picture taken!!
SN: Aidan is an Irish name. It’s Gaelic for “little fiery one” or “little spitfire “. You can see he TRULY lives up to his name.

This holiday is fun for us, regardless of what we do (or not). This year was low key, I still enjoyed the day! And despite my smart ass-ness…

…I still remember the reason for the day…

(One of my favorites)🍀❤️🍀❤️🍀❤️

Did you enjoy your St. Patty’s Day?
What workout did you do to “celebrate?

PS….I didn’t want to forget – Julian’s name is an English name meaning “youth or youthful “.

©2014 Angie

2 thoughts on “🍀Erin Go Braugh🍀

  1. RainyWriter says:

    NICE hat! On you and the boys!

    Tell J that his smile is GREAT….braces or not. He is a handsome looking lad. (ohh…lad… I got an Irish term in there!)

    And Aiden … yeah, totally an Irish name, like that actor AIden Quinn. I could teach your kids some Irish terms … but then that would make me a bad influence!

    Ahhh , this is one of my favorite holidays 🙂


    • amal7072 says:

      Oh the things you can find in the dollar store!! Totally got the hats there!!!
      Thanks for the lovely comments on the boys…Julian and Aidan definitely keep me on my toes!!!

      Would love to hear some of those Irish terms myself!! 👍😃


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