I don’t know why I feel like Tuesday should be Friday??? Maybe because it’s my off day from working out…..

WILT, you ask?? Don’t mind of I do!!

1. Left Hook Energy Drink

I’m not usually a big fan nor promoter of energy drinks but this is good!! I didn’t feel jittery or weird. Not sure what really caught my eye and WHY I felt the need to try it. I wouldn’t make this a part of my daily routine…but I have had a few since I first tried it. THERE…I’ve CONFESSED!! I



This beauty I found after my run a few weeks ago. It’s tastes like Gatorade but it’s frozen, like a summertime Popsicle treat! It replaces electrolyte lost during your runs. Highly recommend trying these!!

I’ve said like a BAZILLION times that I love my alma mater The University of Florida. Well….my Gators entered the NCAA basketball bracket as the number one team (33-3) and number one seed!!!

…and got the cover of Sports Illustrated!! Woo hoo….Go Gators!!!

Enjoying a nice evening of rest and relaxation, so I can get back to the gym tomorrow.
✌️❤️💪 ( Peace, Love, and Muscles)

©2014 Angie

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