🏀Basketball and Sprints

My NCAA Men’s Basketball bracket is filled out!! All the papers are shuffling and computer are on fire with everyone filling these out!! I should go ahead and just tell Warren to go ahead and write the check for the billion bucks. It’ll save the heart break for the others if we just handle it now….

If you’ve been reading my blog you KNOW who I have picked to get to the “Big Dance” aka “Final Four“, to take the whole thing and bring home the trophy…..


That’s right…THE University of Florida!

Who wants some????

I can’t wait!! Upside…first game is tomorrow, March 20th. Downside….it’s at like 4 pm, while I’m still at work! #boo
Thanks God for computers and iPads with Watch ESPN app ready to go! I can keep tabs on the game some how…

Ok..onward! Today’s WOD was a doozie.

BEFORE the 7 min AMRAP, there were TWO…count them TWO 400 meter sprints. Now, I didn’t stutter nor did I mistype. Two 400m SPRINTS!!! This 40 something lady was scared she was going to break a hip or something! I’m still trying to figure out whose idea it was to do these!

1st 400m : 1:29
2nd 200m : 1:38

Slower the second time because I was trying not to PUKE on myself!!!
After the “sprints”…a 7 min AMRAP. Again looks good and doable….intil you are “in” it. #respecttheTIME
I was just shy of 6 rounds (5 2/3 to be specific!)

How was day? ?
What does YOUR NCAA bracket look like?

©2014 Angie


4 thoughts on “🏀Basketball and Sprints

      • RainyWriter says:

        Heheh …. is it time for some basketball banter and trash talk yet? 🙂

        I saw this in the news from yesterday’s games …

        Oregon might be the scary sleeper you were looking for
        Remember last year when Dana Altman’s 12th-seeded Ducks made a surprise run to the Sweet Sixteen? Well, they’re five seeds higher this year and they just wiped the floor with BYU in their opener.

        You’re probably having second thoughts about Florida
        The No. 1 overall seed is always an easy one to pencil in to the Final Four in your brackets, but the Gators didn’t leave much to feel good about Thursday.
        The 16th-seeded Great Danes of Albany proved a worthy opponent, at least for a little while, making 10 of their first 15 shots and hanging with Florida early before the Gators pulled away in the second half. But a 67-55 struggle isn’t exactly what Florida supporters had in mind.

        Ok … back to you 🙂


      • amal7072 says:

        Ouch! I’m gonna tell you like I tel all my gator haters…we are a second half team. We like to give a little taste..just enough to keep you in it..then LOWER.THE.BOOM!
        Now…back to you…😃


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