REST =πŸ’”

Didn’t do ANY form of exercise today. That’s.just.WEIRD! I have to rest because I have Posterior Shin Splints. Same concept of HOW and WHY you normally get them; the only difference is the location. Anterior Shin Splints presents with pain in the front of the lower portion of the leg. This type is more common and what most people are more familiar with when we say “shin splints”. I, on the other hand, have the kind where pain presents on the inside of the lower leg, just above the ankle bone. Either scenario…NO BUENO!! You have to rest, which most people don’t like to do, including ME!! Tell me I CAN’T, and I want to do it MORE. But I have to rest because it is important. Why, you ask? (Pssst… And it ain’t for the obvious reason “because it will get BETTER!!”). It is important because my next 5k will be the first time family will run with me AND it will be Julian’s first 5k! He has been running 3 days a week at his school’s running club. We invested in some new kicks…

Where ever you guys’ll probably see Julian running in these beauties! We went to our local running store Fitniche to help find the right shoes for him. I love that they do a gait analysis and help you select which shoe is the right (no pun intended) fit πŸ˜ƒ .
I was able to find some inserts for my shoes so my shins won’t scream at me any more!!
So my intentions are to get my ass on my bike for some exercise! I’m a little worried because I haven’t BEEN on my bike in quite some time, but NO time like the present! I’m also nervous because Miguel and I will be skipping away for a little husband and wife time and I won’t be able to run. I ALWAYS run on va-cay, so my plan is to use the hotel gym. Pray it works out…..

Hopefully my bike ride tomorrow won’t be TOO horrible!! Pray on that too….

4 thoughts on “REST =πŸ’”

  1. happylifehealthylife says:

    I totally get that 😦 Rest really is the best option! I pushed through them up until my half marathon last year, and since I had planned on taking a couple of weeks off after it anyway it was the perfect opportunity to give them some rest. Ice can help bring the inflammation down and the shoes you’re wearing make a world of difference. I always used to get anterior shin splints until I was properly fitted for shoes..I over-pronate so I’d always had shoes with high arches, but it was recommended that I try neutral shoes with my orthotics and I haven’t had them since. I got new shoes a few months before my half and they were supposed to be similar to the dream shoes I had previously but they were a bit different, so I blame them for the posterior splints. πŸ˜›

    While you’re resting your legs get some strength training work done! I like full-body circuits with little rest because they keep my heart rate up and make me sweat…not quite like running, but still good!


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