Lazy Day…Day 1

Yesterday I was able to go to CF in the morning! I dearly miss working out in the morning! What a sense of accomplishment having it “done” and the rest of the day is yours (or really the rest of the day is at WORK!!).

My shins are ok…but they seem to be shifting, moving anteriorly. And it’s just on one side….
This is so weird! But on with the resting….
Yesterday’s WOD was fun. Since I’m still protecting the shins, I substituted the FUs DUs for a row. I felt like I was “whimping” out but I have to keep my eyes on the prize!


The other part….


Tuesday is rest day but because I am off of work, I figured I would go for a swim this morning. Mother Nature had another idea because she sent a WICKED storm! So…maybe it IS a rest day!! And I am taking FULL advantage of this rest day…I am LAZY today. I’m trying to enjoy it and not feel guilty, but that’s hard!

Do you take off a day and end up not doing a SINGLE THING???

Have a GREAT LAZY day! ❤️


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