Another fine Tuesday…a great Tuesday because I didn’t work! I was a bump on a log ALL DAY! Probably needed it and just didn’t know it!

Onward we go…

1. Charming Charlie
I’ve heard of this place but I didn’t realize how AWESOME this place is! Every girls desire is here…clothes, accessories, shoes, purses, wallets GALORE!! Bonus??? Everything is COLOR COORDINATED! Feel like something blue? They have a section for that. How ’bout mint green? Got it! Maybe you want some yellow? Yeah, they got that too! I thought I died and went to heaven! If you love having everything in one shop and really not interested in paying an arm AND a leg for your clothes??? Immediately…go to Charming Charlie! Consider yourself warned…..


2. Oatmeal

YUMMMMMM! My sister talked me into trying oatmeal again. The last bowl I had, which was about 8 years old, took me 3 hours to eat. So I KNEW this was going to be horrible….but it wasn’t! I fully enjoyed to! Steel oats with blueberries and agave nectar for some sweetness. You get a fruit and nut packet but I didn’t use it because I saw pine nuts! #nomeGUSTA

3. Lazy Days
As I mentioned earlier, today was lazy day!! I honestly don’t remember when I allowed myself to do a whole lot of NOTHING! Man…I did enjoy it but I had a hard struggle with my brain to NOT to do anything.
But…if you get a chance….highly recommend it!!

4. Beer
I took Julian and Aidan to the movies for yet another “kid” movie. They love it and since we don’t get to do a lot together, I wanted to take them. After the initial shock of dropping $50 ( tickets and food)…I saw my saving grace! THEY.SERVE.BEER!!!


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