This is Paleo, right….?

Let me first start by saying…. The Gators made it to the Elite 8 with their win against UCLA!

And now we prepare to take on the “Cinderella” of the tournament University of Dayton Flyers. (Tonight as a matter of fact..because this post is LATE!). Back to our regular programming…..
Hubby and I are on a little get-a-away, sans kiddos, in Orlando. Our first night we ate at a wonderful restaurant, Texas de Brazil.


The place was GORGEOUS!!! If you haven’t been to a “churrascaria”, please put it on your list! It is an all you can eat experience like no other. They have 15-16 different types of meats prepared different and to your liking. The carvers called “gauchos” bring these large skewers to the table and carve the meat for you. Can you say “Paleo HEAVEN”!!!! You have them come as much as you like, all you have to do it use the little cards on your table

Green for YES…keep it coming!!

Red for NO..slow it down brother, I need a breather!

The food doesn’t just include meats. They is a WICKED salad bar with a variety of salad, antipasto, cold salads, sushi and more.

The side items with your dinner include garlic potatoes, Brazilian cheese bread, and sweet fried bananas! Yummmmm…
The vino selection was crazy, and hubby picked an excellent Malbec..

It’s a grape from Argentina and this is my FAVORITE wine! Perfect with all this heavy meat!
(In my BAD infomercial voice)..but WAIT! There’s MORE!!!
Dessert!! We selected from like 8 different selections. Survey says…..

And all I’m gonna say is “Whoa…great selection”

Everything was perfect! Texas de Brazil has many locations, so if you have one in town, go check them out!!



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