Ok..let me NOW say that….
The Gators made it to the Final Four by defeating University of Dayton! The Flyers were the Cinderella story this year. But sadly..the glass slipper broke, the carriage turned back to a punkin’, and the ball is OVAH! Good job to The Flyers!


Today was our last day of vacation, as the kids go back to school and I go back to WORK!! No workout today because we just got back and it’s…
MIGUEL’S BIRTHDAY! I’ll spare you the age because I really don’t want you figuring out how old I am! I say 40 something and I’m sticking to it!! Bwahahahaha!

I am fully looking forward to getting back on routine…work and gym time. Ain’t it interesting how we crave our routine?? It’s nice to get away…but it is sure nice to get back home!
(In my BEST Judy Garland voice)..
“There’s NO place like home!”

(A Key Lime Design original with the EXACT coordinates of our house in Valrico, FL)

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