🍀Erin Go Braugh🍀

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!! I LOVE this holiday…it’s similar to Christmas for me! I didn’t plan ahead this year, as in years past, with decorating the house, crafts for the Julian and Aidan’s class, baking a new treat…
Wait…I did bake a new treat this year!

I made Bailey’s Chocolate cake with Cream Cheese frosting. They were YUMMY!!! Cake pops weren’t as hard as I thought they would be….
Maybe these can be on the regular baking rotation.

We had some WICKED storms this afternoon/evening, so I skipped the gym (because the drive home was gonna be crazy!) and opted for the DREADmill!! Oh, DREADmill, oh DREADmill..how I LOATHE thee! I am constantly trying to figure out ways to make this bearable. This evening I had “Girls” on the HBOGo app on the iPad AND listening to a mix from “Rock My Run” on my iPhone. #firstworldproblems. This was ok and I think I might have found the right combo to weather the storm.

Maybe I’ll be able to stomach more than 2 miles next time!! I’m staring at the wall…in the garage! It doesn’t get any worse that this…
SN: If you haven’t watched “Girls” on HBO, you must!!! (might make my list this week…. Hmm)

So a little Shamrock Run for me and then onto my normal stuff. I WISH I could say that I was able to hang out on MY holiday!! Sadly…I’m home, in my green shirt and my Shamrock socks

Not out enjoying my green beer (although I had it at home)..eating some good Irish food and amongst the folks that love this day! That’s the part that sucks when the holiday falls during the week. We would usually celebrate on the weekend but Miguel was out of town…
BUT…the kids love the holiday too, so being with them made up for it, tenfold!

My “shy” leprechaun, Julian. He DISLIKES smiling in pics (because of his braces), so this is his attempt to look excited.

My “mischievous” leprechaun, Aidan. He will do ANYTHING to have his picture taken!!
SN: Aidan is an Irish name. It’s Gaelic for “little fiery one” or “little spitfire “. You can see he TRULY lives up to his name.

This holiday is fun for us, regardless of what we do (or not). This year was low key, I still enjoyed the day! And despite my smart ass-ness…

…I still remember the reason for the day…

(One of my favorites)🍀❤️🍀❤️🍀❤️

Did you enjoy your St. Patty’s Day?
What workout did you do to “celebrate?

PS….I didn’t want to forget – Julian’s name is an English name meaning “youth or youthful “.

©2014 Angie

🎶Reunited and it feels so GOOD…..

Glad to have made it back to the gym after a two day (self imposed) break. I know I sound like a broken record, but my shins probably needed it, truth be told….

It was great to get back to THIS stuff at my box (gym). Man, I feel weird if I’m not doing some kind of exercise! Monday, I took off because of Julian’s birthday (13, remember???). Tuesday is usually a day off for me. And here we are “Hump Day” and it’s the first day this week I got to the gym. #happytobeBACK

I’m reading Runner’s World “Guide to Running“. One of things that keeps sticking to me is to make a commitment with running. Make a commitment to yourself to run 3 times a week. So…. After getting home, homework, dinner, blah,blah,blah…I got on the DREADmill. I made a promise to myself to stick to 3 times per week, even if there is running in the WOD!

Netflix on the iPad and let’s GO! It must be true dedication because I am in the GARAGE!!
SN: that wasn’t my run on the console!! 😃

How are you at sticking to commitments to exercise?

Run Inspiration, RUN…..

I was having MAJOR technical issues yesterday while writing my post for What I LOVE Tuesday!! That sucks!!! Well…it’s Wednesday and because I probably have a touch of OCD…I’ll wait for the list for next week! Would you guys really care if I did it on Tuesday or Wednesday any way?? No…..but in my little mind (and world) I’m thinking you WOULD mind! 😉
So next week it is…..

Started reading a book that I think will keep me motivated with my running…

I found this when I was looking for the monthly issue of “Runner’s World”. (Normal people just subscribe to magazines they love….not buy them in the grocery store!!)

I am only in the first chapter, but I’m feeling the inspiration already. This adds to the inspiration that I get from blogs, like yours. Keep it coming folks….I need all the help I can get!

©2014 Angie

When did THIS happen???

It is OFFICIAL!!! I am a mother of a…….TEENAGER!!! When did THIS happen??? When did this little guy…..

…become THIS guy…..?

Today is Julian’s (formerly “J”) 13th birthday. I honestly didn’t feel if I was OLD enough to have a teenager. 😉
It feels just like yesterday he got here and I was a brand new parent trying to figure out WHAT to do with this little baby.
I am scared interested to find out and FIGURE out the teenage psyche, particularly in a boy. The only reference for teens I have is myself…as a teen…which was a MILLION years ago! Should be an interesting bumpy ride! Prayers, people….PRAYERS!

My teen (AHHHHHHH…..I said it!!!) decided he wanted to celebrate his day with his family out to dinner!! It’s that WONDERFUL?? Hope it stays like this FOREVER!! I hope he enjoyed his day as much as I did. My baby is ALL GROWN UP!

Anyone else a parent of a teen? Gimme the goods!!!

PS… Since I disclosed Julian’s name…why NOT everyone’s…?
“M” is for Miguel
“A” is for Aiden Aidan
How ’bout that?!?!

©2014 Angie

…and in the morning, there will be DONKEYS!!!!


That was my weekend sign! I started off my 5k season with a run sponsored by my gym. This was first for me in a few ways…..

1. This park in Lakeland, FL is in the midst of a booming city. It is a little wilderness with beautiful trees, woods…and of course BUGS! But besides the bugs, it is also primarily used for Cross Country races, both the 3k and 5k distances. I have NEVER run a XC course….and let’s just say I NEVER will again!! Last week, I think, I wrote a post about my shin-y shin shins. Well…..they are WORSE! They are so sore and tender to touch. I ran yesterday and stopped a little bit after 2 miles, because I couldn’t push through. I.WAS.PISSED!!!!

The Rock Tape didn’t stand a chance in the wilderness!!!! I spent the first mile trying to NOT fall….into the soft sand, in the wet (from the morning dew) grass, and in nature’s little holes. It felt like an obstacle course. I didn’t know this going into the race, but then, HAD I known, I might not have done it.

2. This was a race to benefit an Equine Rescue Center. I was very happy to participate….and then I saw they had animals at the event! Yay!!! One problem….HIGHLY allergic to horse dander! Itchy eyes, runny nose , bronchospasms…the works! But…there weren’t any horses,but there was a DONKEY! I’ve never seen one up close and personal other than a zoo or the movie “Shrek”. So…I took a picture

Me and my HAIRY ASS. Ain’t we cute???


Then there’s the TWO asses and the donkey!!!

Pretty neat, huh? I chalked this off to a learning experience..just like when I did that mud run the “Warrior Dash”. I found out afterwards, albeit it fun, that I really don’t NEED to do another race like that again. That definitely gets crossed off the bucket list!!!

Any race or event that you’ve done that you WOULDN’T do again???

©2014 Angie

14.1…My Version

Yesterday, I survived 14.1!!! And, yet again….I have FULL respect for 10 minutes. As I found out initially at the competition in January, I will NEVER look at a 10 minute WOD the same!

What is 14.1, you ask? It’s the first in the series of open WODs that qualifies you for the Crossfit Games in July. NOOOOOO…..I’m not trying to qualify for the games, but it sure nice to know where you are with all of those elite athletes. Here’s an idea, I can tell you….NOT CLOSE!!!!
The WOD released weekly, on Thursdays. You can stream it online and watch 2 elite CF athletes go head-to-head during this WOD. If you haven’t watched any of the coverage of the games in the past…do it this year!

14.1 was a pretty good WOD. I am sore from everything, but I survived!!!

10 min AMRAP
30 DUs*
15 G2OH*

Remember…G2OH is “Ground to Overhead which is any method that you can get the bar from the ground to over your head. There are a few options….

Clean and Jerk


I personally prefer the snatch technique. To me, if feels like less energy is required to perform the move than a Clean and Jerk. One swift move and NO time to rest within the move. I would probably rest in the rack* position (clean) when I get tired and then get it over head (jerk).

DUs = Double Unders which is jumping TWO times within one rotation of the jump rope. Difficult to do?? YES! Doable?? YES!!!
I experience some CRAZY shin soreness after these, which results in ice, Meloxicam ( Rx anti-inflammatory) and the use of Rock Tape.
br />

Finished 4 rounds or a total of 180 reps. Not bad for a (almost) 42 year old, right?

Hope 14.2 isn’t any time soon…..

My shin-y shin shins……

The WOD today was pretty neat…

I substituted the jump rope, which for me would be double unders (DUs), because of my shins. I am still a little sore from LAST Monday’s WOD. Coupled with the fact that I had horribly run down shoes that I continued to run with/on. #moron
Then a quickie run ( 1.07 miles to be exact)

Why the long face?

I was informed on my way out that we are going to do 14.1 from the CrossFit Games open. I’m ok with that EXCEPT for the DUs!!! My poor shins!! Ugh….I’m going to bed!!!



Fat Tuesday…”en Français clase??” MARDI GRAS!!

I hope everyone had a great day and is ready for the Mardi Gras version of WILT! (What I Love Tuesday)

1. Emily Ley
If you are a stationery FREAK like me, you will absolutely die for her items. She has cards, notebooks, an assortment of inserts, free printables, and my all time favorites….PLANNERS!! Her Simplified Planner is the hottest item. It’s for people like you ME that need all the time management help that’s available! All that help…in an absolutely ADORABLE package!!

Isn’t she GORGEOUS???!!!
Check her out!

2. My new running shoes!!!!
No Plan Ang FINALLY.got.some.SHOES!! ‘Bout damn time,huh?? I’ve probably already mentioned it but I am a Brooks girl but I am loving….DRUM ROLL PLEASE
…my Saucony sneaks! My shins are thanking me as we speak,post, whatever! And just in time for my 5k this weekend…which I don’t really feel prepared for.

Dig those double under bruises on my leg!! HOT!!

3. Rock My Run
This app is the S**T!! You can pick the genre of music you like and it will select from its library, mixes by internationally known DJs. You log in, pick your style, download your mixes, and RUN! Best part….FREE! You can get a monthly or yearly subscription which allows for unlimited streaming of mixes. (I imagine it’s similar to Pandora regarding how much you can fast forward songs,etc). I’m still figuring it out, so keep you posted on the deal with the moola!


Just a little sneak peek into my AWESOME mix! Helped me on the DREADmill, fo’ sho!!!

4. “Happy” by Pharell Williams
This song absolutely, positively, without a doubt makes me HAPPY! If you saw “Despicable Me 2”, you’ll recognize it! If you’ve seen the “Beats Pill” commercial with the dancing speakers, you’ll remember it! Found out it was nominated for an Oscar, and if you watched it, you know this song! If you don’t remember any of these scenarios, do yourself a favor and go to iTunes and LISTEN! You won’t be sorry and you couldn’t possibly be in a bad mood afterwards.

5. Chips
Every year, I give up chips for Lent. No tortilla, potato, etc. No Cheetos or anything of the like! It’s always hard because they are at work… I don’t buy them for myself at home! Whew…..
Wish me luck…

Well another one bites the dust! I’m finding it less and less difficult to find things I love…! I could have a DAILY LOVE❤️

Hope you got plenty of beads this Mardi Gras. And I hope you don’t have to go to confession before Ash Wednesday Mass to confess HOW you got ’em!!

©2014 Angie

🎶Monday, Monday…Part Deux

Today was a a doozie! Seems like it wasn’t ever going to end! Fortunately, I always have a workout to look forward to. I NEVER sneak a peek at the WOD when they post it on FB. Some people look at it and decide not to go based on movements that they don’t like. I believe that is called cherry picking . I don’t look because I don’t want to psych myself out before I get there. I’ve always been that way..almost 4 years of doing CF, I never look before it’s time.
Today’s WOD..
br />

I was glad to see that there was some running, as I wanted to break in THESE beauties….

My feet and “fankles” look much better from this view! (Fankles = FAT ankles! Yuck!)
I’m usually a Brooks girl but it was suggested at the running store to Saucony. IN LOVE….! I decided to go back to the “traditional” running shoe. I had the Pure Connect which I did enjoy running in. My only complaint is they wear down fairly quickly ONLY because of my type of feet….I am flat footed and a pronator….


I had a mile in the WOD and elected to get on the “DREADmill” and do another mile.

No me gusta (no “likey” in Spanish) DREADmill. I always feel like a hamster on the spinning wheel. In motion…but ain’t going a damn place! But I pushed on through.

My shins are still recovering from DU hell last week AND running in horribly old shoes…
So I spent my evening….

…with THIS stuff on! Trying my best to NOT get shin splints!!

How was your day?
What exercise(s) did you

©2014 Angie