“That which didn’t kill me…..”

…just pissed me OFF!! OMG…we did 14.5 at the gym today! I have to have someone explain to me how on GOD’S beautiful earth did someone manage to create this WOD? Oh, I know….the DEVIL, that’s who did it!! Lord….

You know how I feel about ANY WOD that starts with “21”…I have a fear. It is truly all mental, but my brain is shutting off when I see this. I haven’t even SEEN what the WOD consists of, I have mentally tuned out and turned off! (It’s that pathetic???). So, when I saw THIS nonsense..I am DONE! I then scroll down on the white board and see….drumroll PUH-LEEZE….thrusters and burpees! Mental shutdown….proceed!!
It.was.AWFUL. But…I survived! #WAH

Are you familiar with thrusters?
The thruster has a beginning of a front squat with the finish of push press. ( ie… Angie’s private hell). It is technically not a difficult move, it’s requires endurance to ensure not to “poop out” before the movement is over.
The burpees were over the bar, which is ALWAYS interesting.

I finished in 25:25 which is was I guess isn’t too bad. I’m just happy I survived! I know I’m a big baby and I have to learn to get over my “hatred”. There is a saying that ( paraphrasing here) by hating something you bind yourself to it. So…I will hate these darn things till I like them and I’m good at them.

Any exercise(s) that you “hate”

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