Broke down legs….I said it!

Legs are STILL sore from MONDAY’S WOD! Those thrusters were no joke!! And then yesterday, in the midst of my soreness, some darn goblet squats were thrown in yesterday! Lor-DEEE! Today was a little reprieve from legs….

Angie…what the HECK are man makers?

Imagine doing a burpee (on the down part), do a plank hold, do a shoulder pull on each side (like pulling to start a lawn mower),come up like a burpee and instead of the jump portion, you do a squat and then a shoulder press. How ’bout them apples? And we did them as “BW” , ie body weight.

Normally, this is performed with dumbbells…the weight starts on the ground, do the burpee with weight in hand, go down, come up into a plank hold, the shoulder pull with the weight (on each side), come up with weight in hands, squat (with weight in hands) and as you come up from the squat perform a shoulder press. Confused??? When I’m not so cheap, I’ll upgrade my account so I can include videos! 😉

I’m taking the day off tomorrow, because I think I am going to TRY and get my butt on my bike!

Officially excited because my next 5k is next week (I finally get to run after this LONG rest period! Shins are ready!!) and it my first with my oldest, Julian. #cantWAIT


It’s almost the weekeeeeeeend, BABY!!👍

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