Decisions, Decisions….😁

I came to a decision to not do the competition in June. It was a hard decision because part of me WANTED to do it , but another part wanted to focus on some other things. For example- my running, my triathlons…
I’ve only done two CrossFit comps, so I wouldn’t exactly consider myself “seasoned” but maybe I want something else now. Maybe I can sit this one out and pick up some other time.
I also want to get some strength training, in lieu of some WODs. Legs are my true weakness. You know how you have a weakness, you are some what “married” to it?? You can’t RUN from it, you can’t HIDE from it….
So, I’ve decided to get cracking in a leg strength program WITH CF WODs. Keep you posted…..

Summer is coming and I want to get some triathlons and runs on the books.

Ok…I’ve confessed enough….on with today’s work.


…and the other part you couldn’t see…

WHEW!! #respectthe8min

Sitting here, writing a post and watching the NCAA Championship game. University of Kentucky vs. University of Connecticut…and right now…UConn is KILLING UK!! I’m “cheering” for UK (and I use that term LIGHTLY) because they are the same conference as UF. So, I cheer within the conference as they take on a non conference team. #SEC

What did you do today?
Are you watching the game?


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