Weekend FLY by….

Whew….that was FAST!!! I guess it didn’t help matters that I was a complete slug most of Saturday!
The earlier part of the day started off well. Julian and I ran a 5k. It was his first and my first after a month long, self imposed break. (Remember my “shin-y, shin, shins???)

O’dark thirty race start

The race was through Legoland (FL) which is nice! You feel like you are on a private tour… A behind the scenes, if you may. If I had been really into Lego’s…I’d be in HEAVEN!


I was VERY excited for this race. One- because it was Julian’s first race and first race with ME! Two-my shins had been appropriately rested (for a MONTH!!) and I was ready! Julian was running with a new friend of his (my friend’s son who is an amazing runner…at 10!!!) and I was behind him. I didn’t expect anything from this race because I’ve been away for a while. I didn’t see Julian the entire race because he was off and running! I maintained between a 9:15 and 9:30 pace…not GREAT but not bad considering my lack of running.
It was a nice,relatively easy course. A few windy roads, minor hills, and some cut corners made the race interesting.

I looked at my Garmin at the 3 mile marker and it read 25 minute and change (I don’t remember the seconds!)…and I begin thinking that I’m going to crush this race! Before I know it, I’m crossing the finish and see Julian! I was BEAMING!!! He did the whole race, without me, and finished before me!!

I take another look my Garmin to see a great time…for 2.73 mile race!! Wait a second…this is a 5k! You know…3.1 miles?? Well, apparently during the course, someone forgot to direct some of us around another loop, which would have given us the the rest of the deficient mileage. So…I guess… PR for EVERYONE, since this WAS an advertised 5k, right??!!??

Julian and I post race.

He’s been bitten by the bug because he is ready for another one in May. WHO and WHAT have I created??!! 😉
It’s kind of neat knowing that I may have a running buddy….
What sucks is the double ADULT entry fees because he’s 13 now! Damn….!

He’s worth it…..

…Even with his GOOFY smile!!

Have a great week!!!

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